Det. Steven Johnson was named FGPD Officer of the Year presented by FGPD Chief Michael Williams and Cumberland County Sheriff Casey Cox.

Fairfield Glade Police Department (FGPD) held their annual awards breakfast banquet at Legends on Friday, Dec. 7, to honor those to give their all to the safety of the community. 

FGPD Chief Michael Williams issued a warm welcome to dignitaries and honored guests, thanking them for taking the time to spend with them. 

Det. Steven Johnson was named FGPD Officer of the Year, presented by Williams and Cumberland County Sheriff Casey Cox. 

“I gave him the rank of detective because he’s good at it,” Williams said. “He’s good at what he does. Very rarely do you find someone with such a natural fit with what they do. He’s grumpy but he’s a professional. He acts like he’s grumpy but he’s got a heart the size of this room. It’s just a persona he’s got to play so nobody will think he’s really a nice guy. His attitude is outstanding. He never complains. He just takes more and more workload.”  

FGPD Auxiliary Officer of the Year Award was presented to Jerry Wells.

Retired Senior Master Chief Jerry Wales had over 1,800 volunteer hours between FGPD Auxiliary and Crossville Police Department VIP Program and over 10,000 miles driven transporting and rescuing animals.   

FGPD Humanitarian Award was given to Officer Charlie Cisson.

“We just created a special category. We thought about this and how we could award this officer,” Williams explained. “This community is so diverse, so full of people with such a rich history in our life. We have a lady here, named Odette [Cadart], and she’s from France. She’s 93 years old and she’s had an article front page of the Glade Sun and the Crossville Chronicle. Her story is as amazing as any I’ve ever heard as well: German Nazi soldiers in her living room as a child, how they avoided the Nazis and were a part of the Resistance. She’s been knighted by the French government. But she’s made friends with us and we’re very proud to be her friend. As a matter of fact, [Lt. Self] had to leave here this morning to go take care of her. She wasn’t able to make it to the kitchen and she wanted a little bit of tea. So, she calls the police department and that’s just an example of how we go above and beyond. But, this one officer really took it upon himself to make sure, each evening, Miss Odette is taken care of and that she has not only become his friend but he does it out of the kindness of his heart.”

FGPD Traffic Enforcement Award went to Officer Arthur Richardson with 170 citations and 10 combined traffic-related arrests.

“Each year, we try to recognize a few things the officers do that are outstanding. One of those things is traffic enforcement. My No. 1 complaint is traffic-related issues, so we emphasize on that,” said Williams. “Twenty-three square miles is not easy to cover by any stretch of the means. I suspect if you live here, you may have met Officer Richardson.”

FGPD Volunteer of the Year was awarded to Ray Carpentier.

“He put in a lot of hours. It was hundreds. He put in a lot of his own contributions, too,” said Williams. Carpentier volunteered his time and travel costs by finding and going to Ohio to pick up lockers for the squad room. He also spent countless hours painting, helping with interior design, organizing projects and helping make the new building more accommodating and professional.

Fairfield Glade Facilities Maintenance received the Team Member of the Year Award.

“They came in with ideas and they worked hard; more than their job descriptions required them to,” Williams said. 

Usually the Team Member of the Year Award is given to one person, but FGPD management decided the FG Facilities Maintenance department deserved the award as a group. Williams presented their award as well as individual gifts for their hard work; a knife personalized with their names and the FGPD logo. 

Food City of Fairfield Glade received the Community Business Partner Award.

“Without hesitation, each and every time we go to Food City, the management at Food City has always come through to assist us in our human relations needs,” said Williams.

The banquet was sponsored by First National Bank of Fairfield Glade. Williams added, “I would like to say thank you to all those who came out this morning, all those who volunteer and work with us, all our community partners. We’re just so proud to have so many. It was great to get to fellowship with everyone.”

The Fairfield Glade Police Department Citizens Academy made a presentation of their own as they recognized Williams’ birthday with a gift.