"Join Hands Day," a Thrivent-sponsored event, resulted in a beautiful and practical ramp and brick path for Dave Romberg, a transplant heart recipient. Dave had been unable to drive his motorized wheel chair from the front of his home to his workshop in the lower level back of his home. A recent expansion at Christ Lutheran left a surplus of bricks, so Dave asked if they could be used to make a path for him. The congregation jumped aboard this project and the local Thrivent Chapter suggested it become a "Join Hands" project that brings youth and adults together on a community project.

Next, the engineering team organized the plans. Ron Iseli, Tom Towers, Dave Straw, Ron Kettler, Bert Reinhardt, Bob Arnold, John Orr, Vern and Karen Wilson, Carolyn and Joe Karl, and Jackie Lallak and Sue Straw took care of the funding, ordering materials and setting up crews. Their efforts produced a wooden ramp and design for the brick path to the ramp.

Then the youth took over. Christ Lutheran has recently started a confirmation class and the students were invited to join in. Leeanne and Marissa Branam answered the call and became expert brick layers. The dedication ceremony was held Sunday, May 28, with Pastor Jerry Weeks presiding and many family and friends attending. Dave made the ceremony complete with a drive down his new ramp, construction helmet and all. Thanks be to God for this opportunity to help a friend.

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