A wild weekend of fast and furious e-mails, phone calls and serious button holing turned a 5-4 Thursday night vote in favor of opening Stone Memorial High School with freshmen, sophomores and juniors only into a 7-2 Monday evening decision to allow 80 rising seniors who are Stone zoned and who had requested that move to do just that.

Allowed by Roberts Rules of Order, a member who voted with the prevailing side may legally bring a little known and rarely used "motion to reconsider" to the floor in the next meeting. Such was the case in a special-called session of the Cumberland County Board of Education on Monday, March 6.

In a meeting that consumed only 15 minutes and was attended by a packed house carrying signs reminiscent of the '60s, board member Shirley Parris was given the floor by Chairman Allen Foster for the motion. It was at this point that I thought I heard "We Shall Overcome" being sung! Shirley apologized "for the inconvenience" her earlier vote had caused the community and stated she had planned to vote for "Option Two" all along, but had failed to do so. Her motion was in turn summarily seconded by Mary Smith. The motion to reconsider passed 7-2.

Parris then moved that the board approve "Option Two," the plan which would allow Stone Cold Hard Zoned Seniors to be who wished to become the Class of 2007 the opportunity to become first to graduate from the new school.

You can call me a lot of things, but you can't call me John Kerry! My vote did not change.

As I stated previously, the ingress and egress road infrastructure for SMHS will not be completed as needed until at least August 2007. That's a safety issue in my book.

I'm also not convinced that the 80 youngsters who choose to move will be afforded as extensive an academic opportunity as they would have had they remained with their cohorts.

My final concern centered around the alleged recruitment of athletes away from one school and to another. Rest assured all addresses will need to be verified.

The decision now history, I will turn my attention to the mammoth task at hand to ensure a smooth transition. As a good board member should, expect me to roll up my sleeves with the majority and get to work while the strains of "all we are saying is give peace a chance" dance in my head.

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