The $4 million fiber project will begin installation at the Club Wyndham check-in building at Peavine Rd. and Stonehenge Dr.

Club Wyndham at Fairfield Glade is pleased to announce that through many years of planning, the infrastructure for a new $4 million fiber project funded by Club Wyndham and the timeshare associations has begun. 

The installation will begin at the Club Wyndham check-in building at the corner of Peavine Rd. and Stonehenge Dr. 

The project will then proceed to each of the managed timeshare associations. 

Residents will see a lot of small flags delineating the routes. During this phase, there will be significant trenching and boring around the timeshare neighborhoods in Fairfield Glade with little disruption to residents, owners and guests. 

Completion is anticipated for early May. 

This infrastructure is needed to replace the existing internet and TV infrastructure that is more than 40 years old. 

The new fiber installation will allow for high-definition television, high-speed internet and reliable phone service for the timeshare units. 

Future opportunities exist for fire and life safety, emergency systems and climate control. 

This $4 million project is another example of the continued investment by Club Wyndham in their Fairfield Glade operations. 

The Fairfield Glade Community Club and board of directors has been supportive of this investment, and everyone is thanked for their continued support.

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