The following incidents have been documented by the Fairfield Glade Police Department 

for Sept. 22-28, 2019:  

Sept. 23 — Delbridge Lane, Burglary. A resident reported items missing from their garage after leaving the garage door open while inside the residence. Charges have been placed against a suspect and most items have been recovered.

Sept. 23 — St. George Place, Burglary. A resident reported items missing from their garage. Charges have been placed against a suspect and some items have been recovered.

Sept. 24 — Rotherham Dr., Burglary. A resident reported a burglary on her residence and items missing. Upon investigation suspects have been identified and prosecution is pending.

Sept. 25 — Rugby Rd., Arrest. A resident had warrants issued against them and arrested on Sept. 26 by CCSO in connection with burglaries on Delbridge and St. George Place.

Sept. 25 — Bingham Way, Burglary. A resident reported a burglary at their residence. Upon investigation, suspects have been identified and prosecution is pending.

Sept. 25 — Stonehenge Dr., Burglary. A storage building was burglarized behind the CCC. Some items have been recovered, suspects identified and prosecution is pending.

Sept. 27 — Kingsdown Dr., Fraud. A resident reported being the victim of a phone scam with a monetary loss of $199.


Security Tip of the Week

Do not let the 90-degree weather fool you. Autumn has begun to roll in. 

With that in mind, it is important we take the time to prepare for seasonal changes to ensure we continue to be safe and ready for what is to come. The following are some things to consider. 

A combination of fewer hours of daylight, sun glare and unpredictable weather can result in unsafe driving conditions in the fall. A number of weather conditions contribute to risky roads. There are multiple ways to stay safe on the roads this fall, and they all boil down to watching your speed, especially in areas with rain, fog, frost or leaves, and paying attention to the road and your surroundings. 

Paying attention to wildlife is key too. "Don't veer for deer." Meaning, don't swerve if a deer/animal runs in front of your vehicle. You could lose control of the car quickly, especially if you are on a curve or narrow road with little to no shoulder. Instead, brake firmly with both hands on the wheel to come to a controlled stop.

From cluttered gutters to fire hazards, protect your home this fall by making sure you are ready to combat the changing weather and potential dangers. Turning on the heat seems like a crazy thing to do right now, but turn your heater on before the temperatures really plummet so you can ensure it works. 

Do you like to sit by a fire with a good book? Before you relight your fireplace, check your chimney to confirm it's free of debris and has proper ventilation. Make sure the bricks, mortar and liner are in good condition. Lastly, use a fireplace screen to keep the sparks from flying all over the place. 

As plants begin to die in the cold weather, make sure you call a landscaping service to remove any dead branches or decaying limbs on the trees of your property. When weighed down by ice and snow, or blowing in the wind, they can become hazardous and fall on your house or vehicle. 

In order to enjoy the fantastic fall season, you need to make sure you keep yourself healthy and safe. One of the most beautiful occurrences of the fall season is when the leaves start to turn color then gracefully fall upon lawns or get suddenly swept up on an autumn breeze. A less poetic reality of fall is the fact that someone has to rake those leaves. This season, watch your back as you tend to your lawn, as back injuries are prone to happen while raking and collecting leaves, by following these safety tips:

• Stretch: Make sure your muscles are ready for a workout

• Stand up straight: Pull from your arms and legs

• Relax: Rake for intervals of 10-15 minutes at a time, taking breaks in between

If you opt for a leaf blower over a rake, make sure you are properly dressed in clothing that covers your skin, like a flannel shirt and jeans. Wear appropriate eye protection and work shoes as well, protecting any sensitive parts of your body to prevent injury.     


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