Chicks with Sticks had their end-of-season luncheon Oct. 30, in the Westchester Room at Druid Hills. L to R, Back row:  Anna Stark, Francie McMackin, Jackie Korte, Carol Soucie, Ann deLearie, Kay Davis, Karen Hein, Peggy Truxton, Katy Stephens, Fran Kinnunen, Jan Kilar, Nancy Pierce, Karen Toomey, Phyllis Molnar.  Middle row:  Lou Powers, Connie Fusco, Jan Wiler, Chris Kencitzski, Dale McCunn, Nancy Bowles, Mary Blackburn.  Front row:  Liz Cartwright, Sharon Ellis, Marge Ford, Judy Wicinski, Fran Hopp, Dorothy Roise, Jean Roise, Sue Orris.

What a season this has been for the “Chicks with Sticks”! This group had fewer rain-outs, cold-outs or "I don’t care if I ever play this stupid game again-outs" than any other year in the history of the group . . . so what can we gather from all of this? First, either the weather cooperated more or the “Chicks” played under all conditions; second, either the “Chicks” played better, more consistent golf or not; or third, the “Chicks” just wanted to have a bunch more fun and celebrate each Thursday as another opportunity to explore that wonderfully elusive game called golf. Whatever the reason, the “Chicks with Sticks” had a great season and celebrated the 2008 season in fine style in the Westchester Room at Druid Hills on Thursday, Oct. 30, 2008.

Let the merriment begin! After a terrific luncheon, both Fran Kinnunen and Fran Hopp were thanked for their hard work organizing the group and then all of the prizes, pay-outs "congratulations" for a great year of golf were distributed. The overall winner of the 2008 was Susan Spencer. Not only did Susan play nearly every week, but she was named “Most Improved Player” for the season. Congratulations, Susan. Katy Stephens also joined Susan as the player who played the most weeks of the 2008 season.

Many other notable gals won prizes: Most birdies: first — Peggy Truxton; and second — Connie Fusco. Most chip-ins: first — Karen Hein; and second — Kay Davis. Eagles: Kay Davis and our sub, Jean Roise. Most times played was a tie: Susan Spencer and Katy Stephens (and, congratulations, Katy, for winning the “Beat the Pros” contest). Low gross winner: Peggy Truxton. Low net winner: Fran Hopp. Dale McCunn won one of the best prizes and that was the $$$ title…. Sorry, Dale, we couldn’t pull together the Fed Ex prize money, but we did our best!

The list could go on and on for prizes and fun and jokes and enjoyment, but let it suffice to say that the 2008 golf season for the “Chicks with Sticks” was one of the best ever and that the group is looking forward to the 2009 season in hopes of grabbing some more of the coveted prizes . . . good friends . . . good cheer . . . good golf! See you next season!

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