The Bucky Cantrell Clay Court Classic Tournament was a huge success and many players were able to walk off the court champions. Of course everyone that plays on Fairfield Glade courts is a champion, but the Bucky champions were able to take home the first- and second-place trophies. Our USTA referee, Clyde McCampbell, stated that a good tournament has line sweepers and water for the players, but a great tournament has court and line sweepers, great hospitality and excellent prizes. Clyde said that Fairfield Glade tournaments are great tournaments because of all the volunteers.

I cannot thank everyone enough for making the Bucky Cantrell a great tournament. Marilyn Stubella and her hospitality crew were there faithfully getting everyone something delicious to eat and keeping everything fresh and ready to serve. Chris and Tom Evans' Zambonies were ready and waiting (in spite of the rain) and on and off the courts in record time. Because of this team, everything flowed smoothly. The report is that Gerry and Mary Hall need to patent their procedure and take it to the world! Everyone was raving about how great the first- and second-place prizes were, and how did you get them done so quickly? You are a great team. For everyone, we could not have done it without you. Thank you so much. I have survived my first tournament and learned a lot about what it takes to run a tournament — and it is definitely the helpers behind the scenes that make it a great experience.

Now we are off and running with summer programs. Don't forget our junior programs. Bill, William and Monica are preparing for one of the busiest summers that Fairfield tennis has seen. It will be great fun with cardio tennis, drills and mixers for our juniors and adults. Cardio tennis is proving to be a great tennis drill and a great cardiovascular workout. Everyone that participates gets their heart rate up and gets to work on their tennis game at the same time! So, if your split step isn't split stepping, or your volleys aren't volleying, get over here and we will drill you on it every Saturday at 8 a.m.

There are a lot of new players moving in and wanting to play some tennis. If you need a sub, or want to put a new group together, call us and we will help you get a game going. I would like to put in a plug for tennis etiquette here. If you do call one of our new players, or anyone for that matter, and ask them to sub and then for some reason you are able to play and do not need a sub after all, do not call the new player and tell them not to play the night before when they have made plans to play. It is only fair that you let them play. Also if you are waiting to play, please be courteous of the players on the courts. They are trying to finish their matches with as much vim and vigor as they can, and for some players, distractions are not welcome — even the pros want quiet while they are playing, and people moving around distracts them.

So thank you for letting me preach to the choir; you are all awesome in my book and make the tennis program as successful as it is. If you have any tennis needs, be sure to contact us at the tennis center, 484-3758; and remember, it's your game!

There were 71 matches, 91 players, 49 single entries, 100 double entries and 36 doubles teams over the weekend of the Bucky Cantrell Clay Court Classic. Below are a list of the final rounds and the results of each event.

Men's Open Singles (final round)

Larue, Eric def. Boots, John 6-2; 6-0

Women's Open Singles (final round)

Brown, Lori def. Lowder, Debbie 6-4; 6-2


Men's Open Doubles (final round)

Taylor, John/Taylor, William def. Bow, Ronnie/Krabousanos, Michael 6-4; 6-1


Mixed Open Doubles (final round)

Brown, Lori/Michael, Krabousanos def. Bertram, Monica / Van Keuren, William 6-2; 6-2


Men's 45 Singles (final round)

Addleburg, John def. Henry, Keith 6-2; 6-3


Men's 50 Singles (final round)

Morris, Don def. Flannagan, Jim 6-0; 6-1


Men's 55 Singles (final round)

Strickler, Dennis def. Maland, Chuck 6-0; 6-1


Men's 60 Singles (final round)

Kileff, Clive def. Buquo, Louis 6-0; 6-2


Men's 65 Singles (final round)

Schuelke, E. Allan. def. Reynolds, Ron 6-1; 6-2


Men's 70 Singles (final round)

May, Hugh def. Nixon, John 6-1; 6-4


Men's 75 Singles (final round)

Blum, Howard def. Lusk, Thomas 6-2; 6-4


Women's 60 Singles (final round)

Allen, Marjorie def. Olsen, Cynthia 7-6(10); 3-6; 6-4


Women's 65 Singles (final round)

Haynes, Caroline def. Edwards, Emmy 6-1; 6-0


Women's 70 Singles (final round)

Martin, Fay M def. Schwind, Beverly 6-0; 6-0


Men's 50 Doubles (final round)

Epps, Jerry/Lowe, Garry def. Raulston, Ron/Van Keuren, William 6-2; 6-2


Men's 55 Doubles (final round)

Kileff, Clive/McDonald, Darrell def. Maland, Chuck/Strickler, Dennis 6-4; 4-6; 6-3


Men's 60 Doubles (final round)

Kileff, Clive/Darrell, McDonald def. Edwards, W. Frank. / Filbert, Ronald 6-1; 6-1


Men's 65 Doubles (final round)

Davies, Richard/Robert, Money def. Miller, Ken / Reynolds, Ron 6-3; 6-4


Men's 70 Doubles (final round)

Nixon, John/John, Tudor def. Blum, Howard / Davies, Richard 6-0; 6-0


Men's 75 Doubles (final round)

Bartos, Andrew/Thomas, Lusk def. Helin, Mike / Myers, Alan 6-2; 6-2


Women's 45 Doubles (final round)

Barnes, Kathy/Debbie, Lowder def. Bertram, Lucero / Thompson, Cheryl 2-6; 6-7(5); 6-3


Women's 50 Doubles (final round)

Rice, Sue/Jane, Young def. Burks, Deborah / MacManus, Julia 3-0 Ret (inj)


Women's 55 Doubles (final round)

Rice, Sue/Jane, Young def. Allen, Marjorie / Tingle, Patricia 6-3; 6-3


Women's 60 Doubles (final round)

Dugan, Susan/Sheryl, Gunter def. Sexton, Maurine / Steward, Marita 5-7; 6-4; 6-2

Women's 65 Doubles (final round)

Filbert, Bernice/Martin, Fay M def. Bartos, Marilyne/Edwards, Emmy 6-3; 6-0


Mixed 45 Doubles (final round)

Bow, Ronnie/Lay, Jill def. Addleburg, John/Hinkle, Laura   Def (ns)


Mixed 55 Doubles (final round)

Filbert, Ronald/Filbert, Bernice def. Rice, Sue/Rice, W. Lynn. 6-3; 6-2


Mixed 65 Doubles (final round)

Martin, Fay M/Murray, Martin def. Bartos, Marilyne / Bartos, Andrew 6-3; 6-2



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