Enjoying the clear-tape sculptures are high school senior Loren Safdie and art teacher Dale Safdie.

Clear-tape sculptures, and some of the high school students who made them, will be the featured artisan presentation at the monthly meeting of CACE on Wednesday, Aug. 1, beginning at 10 a.m. at Crossville City Hall.

Dale Safdie, art teacher at Stone Memorial High School, and several students will demonstrate their technique of wrapping real-live models (parts at a time), cutting open the cast and assembling the parts into the full-sized figures. "Don't tape too tightly and don't try for skinny," advised Loren Safdie, one of the art students, who enjoyed taping up her friends and being taped herself.

The high school students first studied artist George Segal, who was a painter, then a sculptor. Segal developed an usual casting method of wrapping a person in plaster-soaked bandages. After drying, the resulting cast was opened, removed and reassembled as sculpture. Later Segal changed his method, using the plaster shells as molds to create sculpture that is more realistic.

Safdie asked the students to design a scene that created a mood or told a story. She complimented the art students, saying they were successful in having their pieces interact with each other. The process involves working in teams to accomplish a finished item.

Prior to the first year at Stone Memorial High School, Safdie taught three years at Homestead Elementary School. Certified to teach visual arts, she taught at Roane State for 15 years, having a degree in architecture, teaching drafting, computer literacy and art.

Cumberland Artisans for Creative Expression (CACE) is a unique organization which highlights the visual arts, performing arts and literary arts of Cumberland County, TN. With a membership of over 100, CACE is ambitious in its cultural arts events, which include the Artisan Expo, a Fine Arts and Fine Crafts show at the fairgrounds on Sept. 22, the Youth Expo in April and other activities featuring Cumberland County artisans.

The public is invited to experience the featured artisan presentation at the CACE meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 1, 10 a.m. at Crossville City Hall. For additional information, call 277-5425.

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