What was going to happen isn't

As in 2014 , 2017 and now 2019, our Board election has gone uncontested so it will not be necessary to hold an election again this year. There has been speculation as to why this is happening so frequently of late. There are those who point to the system, say it is broken and discourage those who would put their name up for election. I prefer to believe it's because the majority of our members are pleased with the Club's direction and are busy enjoying retirement and recreational opportunities available to them here in the Glade. Why get involved in a system that unfortunately has become so political in nature? In any case, we welcome Jeani, Barb and Misty back to the Board for another term. We are indeed fortunate to have a timeshare representative and a developer representative who, even though they are not required to be, are both Club members as well. Barb and her husband call Fairfield Glade home and Misty literally grew up here and owns several properties. 

There was a motion made and passed in the Executive Session Wednesday, June 26, dealing with the non-judicial foreclosure amendment. The non-judicial foreclosure amendment, which we still believe is a good idea, will not be voted on this year because of the expense of a community-wide vote.

The county steps up once again

As I am sure you have all heard, Cumberland County government has chosen to implement a county-wide first responder program, which is great news for Fairfield Glade. This is a county program and not a Fairfield Glade program, so it is important to understand that the rumors suggesting Fairfield Glade will be excluded from this county program are untrue. In fact, we currently have three certified first responders living here in the Glade and hope that our First Responder Tuition Assistance Program announced last week will result in an even greater number of resident first responders.

It takes a village to make a community

Our “Magnified” article last week centered on the FGCC divisions and their employees. Some have asked why did it not include the Fairfield Glade Fire Department. Good question. The FGFD is a valuable part of our community, and we gratefully appreciate all they do for us. However, they are a separate 501c3 organization and not a division of the Community Club. Since they are not a division of Fairfield Glade Community Club, we did not include them. We have other great groups that make up our extended family and were not mentioned in this particular article either. These would include Fairfield Glade Resident Services, our Neighborhood Watch groups, the Art Guild and, last but not least, all our committee members who donate so much time and effort to various endeavors within Fairfield Glade. I am sure these extended family members will be recognized in future “Magnified” articles.

At the Board of Directors Meeting on June 27, the Board approved one purchase requisition for Sewer Installation for Chestnut Ridge Development in the amount of $92,662.  

That's it from “Across The Board!”