My last two "Lake Updates" took you underwater with fish facts. And kept you "submerged" with a tale of mining the lake (I mean hazard) bottoms for balata gold. Our Fairfield Glade fish (facts) intrigue me. The 250,000 some golf balls that annually find their way to a watery grave boggles my mind.

But there's (been) more in our lakes! In my five years as director of transportation at Dorchester (i.e., cart boy with seniority), I was privileged to see both John McKeel and Rob Gibson fall into the pond guarding the fourteenth green. They were "fishing." If I remember right, another "fisherman," Brian Castle, played like an anchor at the same site.

Then there was the time Chi Chi Carter Williams fell into the pond fronting the eighth green at Druid Hills. And how about Bob "Rooster" Paton (taking a "flop") in the fairway pond on Druid Hills' par 5 #7? No doubt prospecting for lost fortune.

How about the golf cart that found its way to the bottom (about 25 feet deep out in the middle) of the lake that divides Dorchester's par 5 #5. The cart, complete with golf bags, wallets, cell phones and adult beverage, was retrieved a couple of days later. "Brakes failed," mumbled the miserable driver. I can't forget the evening when (Ranger) John Kinnunen, who was towing in a "dead" cart, came flying down the cart path from the #2 tee box toward the pond at #1 green — only to have the hitch pin pop out and watch his "tow" pass him on the right and plow into that patch of water next to the woods, crashing into a submerged stump. Nasty mess.

All this is ancient history compared to last week's, "What's that floating out in the middle of Spring Lake?" A car. A car!? Yep, a car. Seems somebody lost it on St. George Drive (somewhere between Bradford Lane and Peavine Rd.) and drove right into the lake. Naturally, it would float out to the middle. And sink? Yep, sink. Believe it, or not!

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