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Owner Dawn Bosanko said her DailyBarre is an ideal fitness facility for all fitness levels.

DailyBarre owner Dawn Bosanko said DailyBarre,  her group fitness facility at 1173 Genesis Rd., Crossville, is for people of all fitness levels.

“Our instructors help create strength breath by breath and inch by inch, focusing on low-impact workouts that are anything but boring,” Bosanko said.

“We’ll know you by name and work with you to develop the right pace that has the right fit for you,” she added. “And most of all, we’re here to coach and consult you all the way to the body you truly want.”

DailyBarre offers barre, a low-impact, full-body workout that’s a combination of yoga, Pilates and ballet. Bosanko said it works tiny muscles to help tone the body and strengthen those muscles that support the larger ones.

Also offered is yoga, a class to improve strength, balance and help clear the mind.

In addition, POUND is a cardio class using weighted drum sticks and beating to the music, something Bosanko said is a great stress reliever.

DailyBarre offers classes five days a week before work (5 a.m.), after school drop-off (8 a.m.), during lunch (12:15 p.m. express for 30 minutes) and evening sessions.

After moving to Crossville from Chicago several years ago, Bosanko founded DailyBarre to help others ignite a passion for fitness, healthy living, and the power of doing something every day that helps them feel strong.

DailyBarre opened its doors in September 2019. Six months later, COVID-19 hit. 

During the six weeks the governor had gyms shut down, Bosanko sent three recorded classes a week to her members to keep them engaged, motivated and ready to come back when restrictions were lifted. 

In April 2021 DailyBarre expanded to its current location, which is more centrally located, and now offers evening classes to better serve its members.

“DailyBarre is different because we take the time to get to know our members, spend time and give them modifications to help them get the most out of their workout,” Bosanko said. “We come early and stay late to work with new members or those with questions. We are for all fitness levels, and all of our members go out of their way to welcome new people to class.”

She added, “Friendships have grown strong because of DailyBarre, and people have found a place they feel welcomed, challenge and not judged while working out.”

More information about DailyBarre is available at, as well as on Instagram and Facebook.

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