PowerUp Fitness, a Knoxville-based physical activity program used by several Cumberland County schools, has launched a new "at home" resource to help families get students moving and learning, even in their living rooms.

Resources can be found at powerupfitness.net/athome

In PowerUp Your School fitness classes, students build upon reading and math skills through exercises, activities and games. More than 30 schools and after-school programs across Tennessee used this academic physical activity before closures from the Covid-19 outbreak kept students at home.

Founder and CEO Stacy Baugues didn't want closures and stay-at-home orders to keep kids from being active.

"We're adding new exercises and activities to our website and social media platforms daily. We want to be a resource for families during these challenging times, providing them with a fun way to get active and integrate academics into movement," Baugues said.

One recent addition to the website is Alaphabet Relay. In the video, PowerUp Fitness shares how this traditional relay-style race can still be a fun, family activity, even in small spaces. 

"Instead of running, participants do five jumping jacks, then call out a word that starts with the letter A, then again for B, and so on. You can race other family members through the alphabet or do it together all as one team," Baugues explained.

The instructions also allow families to incorporate other topics, like geometry or chemistry, for older students, or animals and fruits and vegetables, among others, for younger students.

Currently, PowerUp Fitness has several family fitness videos available on the website, with new resources being added daily. These include short, five-minute activities to 30-minute fitness classes, all available for free to families.