Stone Elementary teachers now have a designated space for relaxation and self-care. They call it the “Zen Den.” Recent studies have shown that teachers have a tougher job than ever before and are feeling the stress of added responsibilities due to the pandemic. Across the state and nation, schools are actively working to give educators the tools they need for optimal mental and physical health. 

In the Zen Den at Stone, teachers can meet to discuss school business or have a moment alone during their lunch or planning time. Before school starts each morning, you can find a few early birds grabbing a coffee from the coffee bar or chatting with colleagues. 

When administrators asked community partners to participate in making this vision a reality, Cumberland Fellowship Church quickly jumped in to help. They provided the furniture, lamps, and tables as well as a basket of snacks. Teachers also contributed to the space with decor, coloring books and colored pencils, fun stickers and other freebies to share. Stone Elementary is very proud of this project and looks forward to enjoying the Zen Den for many years to come.

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