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The scholarship recipients include, from left, Isabel Gray, Jordan Ann Houston, Madison Sue Russell, Sydney Wilson, Dasa’n Fant, Vasiis (Billy) Drainas, Alexie Inman, Robert Zecher and Erin Russell. Not pictured due to scheduling conflicts were Jayd Schmidt and Rani Patel.

The Rotary Club of Fairfield Glade was pleased to award 10 scholarships of $1,000 each to Cumberland County students pursuing higher education. A scholarship from the Rotary Foundation of Cumberland County was also presented at this ceremony, making a total of 11 scholarships of $1,000 awarded.   

Family members of each of the recipients were present when the scholarships to these winners were presented.  These students were selected out of more than 80 applications received, and represent some of the best students from Cumberland County schools. The academic achievement and involvement in school and community activities of these students were truly exceptional 

Supporting youth in pursuing higher education is one of the areas of focus for Rotary International, the Rotary Club of Fairfield Glade as well as the Rotary Foundation of Cumberland County, which is supported by all three of the Rotary Clubs in Cumberland County.

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