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A student works on her sewing project while participating in the Quilting in the School program, sponsored by the Fantastic Quilt Guild of Fairfield Glade.

The Fantastic Quilt Guild of Fairfield Glade sponsors a program called “Quilting in the Schools” (QITS) for the middle school and high school students of Cumberland County. It is taught in conjunction with Teen Living and Consumer Education programs. The guild sends educators (mainly retired teachers) into the classroom to help the teachers introduce students to basic sewing skills through quilt-related projects. A simple project is designed that the students can complete within the hours allotted to the class. Most students complete an attractive tote bag.

Many thanks are due to VECustomers Share Foundation for their generous grant of $500 to purchase needed supplies to keep the program going. The guild measures success by the number of students served, projects completed and class hours taught. They photograph activities and share many anecdotes about positive student reactions to the one-on-one experience with guild members. It is universally acknowledged that guild members are enriched by the experience. 

The program was started several years ago. Some of the classes were held after school, then they progressed to the school day. Members have worked with as few as four or as many as 24 students in a class. The projects range from walker caddies for nursing homes to baby quilts, pillows and totes. Members recently finished two series of classes at Stone Memorial High School and look forward to more classes in the next school year.