The winners of the Rotary Character Project Essay Contest at Pine View Elementary are, in front, from left, Ethan Ford, second place; Rylee Evans, first place; and Jeremiah DeRossett, third place. Presenting the honors are, back row, Mrs. Clark, fourth-grade teacher; and Pepe Perron, Rotarian.

The Crossville Noon Rotary Club has recently completed its annual Character Essay Project in partnership with Cumberland County Schools. 

The fourth-graders are asked to write a one-page paper or essay on one of the topics of the 4-Way Test and how it relates to them. 

The third-place winner at each school received a $15 gift card, the second-place winner at each school received a $25 gift card and the first-place winner at each school received a brand new bicycle. 

With nearly 400 submissions, 2019 marks the most well participated contest in the club’s recent history.  

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Over the coming weeks, the Chronicle will be publishing photos of the essay winners, along with the first-place winning entry from each participating school.



By Rylee Evans

Pine View Elementary


I think that being nice is a good way to start getting friends. Do you think being nice is a good way to get friends? What I am going to talk about is friendship.

I have two reasons. Let me give you one. I think that being nice is a good thing in friendship because people can see the way you act around other people. Here's an example. When I came to school this year, there was a new girl and I talked to her, showing that I was nice.

Here is my last reason I have today. I think that being nice is good for friendship because you will end up with tons of friends. That is not always good, but sometimes it is. You might have your friends for a while. Here's an example: when I was younger, there was another little girl. She became my friend and she still is today.

I think that kindness is a way to make good friends and it shows how you act. Kindness is very important. When I younger I was not always nice to people. I became nicer to people. Now I have a couple friends and they are very nice to me and I love them. Kindness is a big thing in friendship. I have to be nice to my friends so they will be nice to me. Those are my reasons kindness is important.