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North Cumberland Elementary School students appreciate Coach Rick Timm for taking the time to teach the students a little about golf and to give back to the community. 

“Birdie Ball Green Dot.”

Such a catchy phrase with so much to offer students. And North Cumberland Elementary students recently learned about it when Coach Rick Timm visited.

Timm, a life member of the PGA, has been teaching junior golf to thousands of students for more than 35 years.

With several awards under his belt as a Junior Golf Development promoter, Cumberland County is very fortunate to have him in the community. He currently runs the US Kids Nashville/Knoxville/Chattanooga junior golf tours that serve kids ages 5-18.

He also is the PGA teaching professional out at Bear Trace Golf Course, as well as the assistant coach for the SMHS golf team. 

Timm says, “I started a new program sponsored by the LPGA called ‘Girls Golf of Crossville’ and ran consecutive clinics on Saturdays from May to October.” 

Cumberland County currently has one middle school golf team, but Timm has a vision to start a second. Coach Timm has already started his Golf-in-Schools program by providing golf skills to students in grades 3-8 at North Cumberland Elementary School. He is planning to expand to more schools as well. 

This program is very unique in that traditional golf balls are not used. He uses a “birdie ball” that is safe to use in gyms and gives the student the sensation of hitting a real golf ball. Timm gives his friend, John Breaker, the credit for inventing such a tool. 

So, where does the saying, “Birdie Ball Green Dot” come from? Along with the birdie ball, there is a mat that is safe for gym floors that have a green dot to place the birdie ball on to hit off of. 

Timm has this to say about his success, “The perfect program that I hope to develop here in Crossville is called PGA Junior League. I ran this super exciting and successful program in Colorado for over six years and it has been labeled the ‘fastest growing junior golf program’ in the country!”

North Cumberland Elementary thanks Coach Timm for taking the time to teach the students a little about golf and to give back to the community. The students are very appreciative. 

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