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Camy and Hadley Holbrook show their dedication to reading as they pause for a little literacy time, while staying active all summer long!

Crab Orchard Elementary students and staff are keeping their bodies and brains active this summer by participating in “Run + Read.” Sponsored by Marathon Kids and Education Connect, this is a free program geared at keeping kids active and reading during the summer months. Participants log 26.2 miles by running, walking or doing heart pumping physical activity and reading 26 books to complete the challenge.

Anyone can participate in the “Run + Read” challenge by going to and downloading the mileage log. Other free resources are available for parents to use to keep their kids active during the summer months.

An in-school fitness program, Crab Orchard Elementary has participated in Marathon Kids for the last three years. Students earn rewards for completing marathons, one mile at a time, usually during recess, and before or after school. Students can earn up to four Nike rewards throughout the school year.