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Pictured are Jack Fogel, FRA Branch 294 Past President and FRA Southeast Regional Vice President; Bryan Ramsey, senior, CCHS; and Peter Dellarco, Branch 294 President.

Every year Fleet Reserve Branch 294 sponsors an Americanism Essay Contest. Students from grades 7-12 are encouraged to write a 150-word essay whose theme changes from year to year. The 2020-2021 theme was “The Bill of Rights and Me.” 

This year’s senior winner is Bryan Ramsey who hails from Cumberland County High School. Bryan received both a certificate and a $150 cash award for placing first. FRA Branch members extend a hearty congratulations!


The Bill of Rights and Me

By Bryan Ramsey


Ever since the start of our great nation, there has been a desire to protect our own basic human liberties. In fact, this desire was so strong that the Constitution would not have been ratified without some form of guarantee. This guarantee was known as the Bill of Rights, and it provided a clear declaration of our rights and freedoms. 

The ten amendments from the Bill of Rights appear in my life every single day, and I find solace from their protection. To me, these ten amendments are much more than a list of rights. When I observe the Bill of Rights, I observe a physical representation of my security. Every single day, I perform an action that is protected by the Bill of Rights. I am allowed to practice any religion of my choosing, to speak opinions without fear of legal repercussions, and I can peacefully assemble if I so desire. 

Even my actions not covered directly by the Bill of Rights are still protected. In fact, the Bill of Rights provides us with the concept of enumerated rights in its ninth amendment. This concept explains that there is an immeasurably large amount of rights and liberties that could not be fully listed. These rights are still our own, and that declaration acts as a true safety net. 

In addition to providing daily security, the Bill of Rights also adds a form of insurance to my life. This insurance protects me in the long term, and it demonstrates my rights when the situation demands it. This includes protection in legal courts, protection from unlawful search and seizure, and protection from cruel and unusual punishments.

Thanks to the Bill of Rights, I can live knowing that my country will always protect my rights. I am forever grateful for the protection that we take for granted, and I am thankful for the sacrifice required to reach where we are.

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