Several Cumberland County High School calculus and precalculus students competed in the Tennessee Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges State Math Contest during March 29-April 1. The top three winners received money and certificates at this competition. Several CCHS students finished in the top ten of the state.


Jared Maynard — first place RSCC


Heather DeBord — first place RSCC, first place state

Josh Green — second place RSCC, third place state

Jessie Hardt — third place RSCC, fifth place state

Justin Kerley — fourth place RSCC, sixth place state

Katie Cravens — fifth place RSCC, 10th place state

Jonathan Annis — sixth place RSCC

Jessica Wilson — seventh place RSCC

Callie Shanks- eighth place RSCC

Heather Smith — ninth place RSCC

Sarah Oakes -10th place RSCC

Calculus B (Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Calculus 3, and Differential Equations) Steven Maynard — first place RSCC, second place state

Ashford Smith — second place RSCC, seventh place state

Lydia Yehl — fourth place RSCC

Whitney Isaacson — fifth place RSCC

Danielle Schlafer — sixth place RSCC

Celeste McCracken — seventh place RSCC

Jared Maynard — eighth place RSCC

Aaron Andersen — eighth place RSCC

Julie Kirkham — ninth place RSCC

Michael Mahoney — 10th place RSCC

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