Seven young men from CCHS and SMHS will attend the number one American Legion Boys State program in the nation at Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville the week of May 28. This will be the 77th Boys State program in Tennessee.

These young men have been selected for their character, conduct, scholarship and other traits becoming to young men in high school. 

American Legion Post 163 would like to thank the following sponsors for their support of these young men: Bilbrey Funeral Home, First National Bank of Tennessee, Mitchell’s Drug Store, Dr. James Harvey, Tim Clafin, Family Ties and American Legion Post 163. Post 163 co-chairs for this year’s Boys State, Charles Loveday and Charles Osterhouldt, would like to give a special thanks to the guidance counselors at CCHS and SMHS for their help in selecting these young men.

American Legion Boys State, Inc., is not a schoolroom activity, but a practical experience for young men in the actual problem of government as it operates in Tennessee. Boys State is not meant to take the place of civics or government, as they are taught in high schools of the state, but is planned so that young men may put into actual practice the theories of government through actual participation in city, county and state governments organized as a “mythical 51st state.”

The American Legion believes that American citizenship is the priceless possession of us all. America is a free land and believing that, the principles of democracy as guaranteed by our constitution have made us a great and powerful nation. The American Legion hopes to assure this freedom to our citizens of future generations. In order to accomplish this purpose, youth must be trained not only in theory of government, but in its actual practice and operation. They believe that a prepared and trained youth will more effectively preserve and perpetuate this precious heritage and be ready to assume the trust and responsibilities that go with American citizenship. There will be approximately 600 young men representing most every county in Tennessee attending Boys State.

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