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May 8

Eddie James Anderson, 58, to Victoria Hope Hedgecoth, 40, both of Crossville

Christopher Scott Funderburk, 32, to Dawn Alison Rapciak, 30, both of Crossville

Brandon Travis Brown, 32, to Jennifer Marie Howard, 33, both of Crossville

May 11

Stuart Benjamin Sublett, 25, of Pembroke, VA, to Stephanie Renee Pugh Mahaney, 40, of Crossville

Larry Layne Blaylock, 62, to Linda Sue Berger Remick, 65, both of Crossville

Julio Santos Vargas, 51, to Nancie Beth Conklin Cappiello, 48, both of Crossville

Wesley Evan Smith, 32, to Sarah Ann Sells, 24, both of Rockwood

Elisas Thomas Brady, 21, of Crossville, to Eryn Louise Jenkins, 21, of Wilder, TN

Jordan Michael Smith, 22, to Sara Roemer Evans, 22, both of Crossville

James Ray Collins, 32, to Ashley Ryanne Edwards, 26, both of Crossville

May 12

Kent Raistlin Ary, 24, to Kayla Marie Vaughn, 21, both of Crossville

May 13

Shaun Patrick McCabe, 43, Monterey, to Heather Marie Hilton, 32, of Crossville

May 14

Ethan Wayne Miller, 30, to Kayla Lorrene Godsey Rimes, 30, both of Spring City, TN

May 15

Justin Craig Cagle Jr., 25, to Terri Shea Walker, 24, both of Crossville

Wade James Henderson, 31, to Britnni Danielle Ramsey, 25, both of Crossville

Cody Scott Staggs, 26, to Cheyenne Rae Gunter, 25, both of Crossville

May 18

Brandon Michael Allen, 23, to Ellie Corin Sanders, 20, both of Crossville

James Harmon Dunn Sr., 69, to Judy Diane Vitatoe Randolph, 66, both of Crossville

Brock Jacob Rowan, 26, to Carly Nicole Turner, 25, both of Crossville

Dwight Allen Martin, 35, of Rochester, WA, to Melody Ruth Mast, 35, of Crossville

Caleb Denton Clement, 24, of Lafayette, IN, to Mackenzie Jane Pugh, 24, of Crossville

May 20

Ian Clifford Newberry, 30, to Krystal Dawn Jones Henry, 31, both of Crossville

May 21

Joseph Leland Spriggs, 41, to Natalie Nicole Griffin Newton, 35, both of Crossville

May 22

Jacob Lee Roberts, 28, to Maria Kathleen Orme, 27, both of Maryville, TN

Dexter Blaine Selby, 25, to Shannon Doreen Harris-Campbell Harris, 24, both of Crossville

Timothy L. Fields, 44, to Shelby Lynn Kimbro, 27, both of Crossville

May 26

Willie Frank Rogers, Jr., 39, of Sparta, to Tamara Marie Adams Wawro, 36, of Crossville

Harold Robert Mussared, 40, to Jessica Ann Taylor, 36, both of Crossville

James Lawrence Stephens, 50, to Kimberly Ruth Smith, 42, both of Crossville

James Lee Shaffer, 35, to Apryl Lenn Bennett, 37, both of Crossville

May 27

Leeonison Crawford Collins III, 38, to Paula Yvonne Ashburn Crisp, 32, both of Cookeville, TN

Eugene Lester Baldwin, 63, to Linda Lou Bilbrey Pryor, 62, both of Crossville

May 28

Nathaniel Brock Simpson, 21, to Samantha Gayle Catherine Gilliam, 23, both of Crossville

May 29

Dustin Edward Neff, 27, of Bainbridge, OH, to Hannah Grace Grant, 20, of Grandview

Gilbert Duncan Everett, 48, to Amanda Rose Mansell, 40, both of Crossville

Eugene Paul Masinski, 40, to Lisa Marie Fields, 38, both of Crossville

Ty Lewis Tabor, 22, to Makenzie Brooke Iles, 22, both of Crossville