Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

February 21, 2013

ALL IN THE GAME: It is so good to be back

By Jim Butler
Chronicle correspondent

CROSSVILLE — I want to apologize to the growing number of Vanderbilt fans that I feel that I have let them down by being out of service for a little while. In addition to the apology, let me give my thanks to Frank Gale and others whose thoughts and prayers helped trememdously.

A lot has happened since I have contributed my ramblings, so let's see if we can catch up. Of course, the nine-win season by the Commodores has to be a highlight and I see many more of those to come considering the signees they managed to secure. I hate it that we missed out on Corn Elder, but for some reason, he chose a school that is facing some NCAA penalties. At least the Volunteers didn't get him.

Another Vandy highlight has to be the performance of Brandt Snedeker on the golf course. In addition to being a big winner, it seems impossible to find anyone who doesn't like him — typical Vanderbilt athlete, talented and with class. Of course, I'm sure that Mr. Looney and Mr. Wyatt could find some fault.

I thought that this year's Super Bowl was just one big boring event. I guess that I was just so tired of hearing about Ray Lewis that I couldn't get into it. In my opinion, he is just a little above average among today's linebackers.

Of course basketball is the highlight of the day now and it is difficult for anyone to hold on to the number one spot in college hoops. I guess Indiana is as close as we can get, and that has to tickle Kris Burk and the entire Burk clan. I also like the way the Hoosiers go about their business, a class act.

I can't find anything to brag about with the Commodores as they continue to struggle on the hardwood. Two losses to the Vols really put me at a loss. Even the Abraham Lincoln look-a-like put up some threes against Vandy. Really, that kid ought to shave.

It feels really great to be back and I look forward to bantering with Frank Gale though it looks like I will have to wait until football season to have much to brag about. How long has it been since you heard something like that from a Vandy fan?

Again, thanks and have a great week!

Go Panthers! Go Jets! Go USA!

(Jim Butler is a Chronicle correspondent and his column appears regularly.)