The Cumberland County High School baseball and softball teams were treated with banquets May 12 and 13, respectively, at Forte's in Lake Tansi.

"I am grateful to have Coach Eric McAfee. A lot we did this year we couldn't have done without him," said Coach David Prichard in his opening remarks.

He also thanked bus driver Roger McDonald.

"He is a class act and really cares about the kids," said Prichard, who thanked the concession workers, Tom Pritchard for being the official scorer, the school administration and all of those responsible completing the indoor hitting facility.

He also thanked managers Anna Clark and Alexis Lewis.

"We were happy to have them around," he said. "This was a very good year. We made big time progress in the right direction. We have a lot of sophomores and juniors coming back."

Pritchard told the parents, "You really have good kids. There was not a rotten kid in the group. They were great."

Receiving letters were seniors Cameron Pritchard and Tyler Sherrill; juniors Shawn Scott and Brad Wyatt; sophomores Matt Jones, Cody Davenport, Brian Woodlief, Daniel Forte, Justin Davis, Michael Baehr and Chris Capps; and freshmen Derek Hankins, Josh Sanders, Brian Srock, Koby Wilson, Terryl Bowen, Kyle Pritchard and Wes Akins.

Sanders received the Freshman Award.

"He did a good job offensively. It is very difficult for a freshman to step in and do what he did," added Prichard.

Davenport received the Best Defensive Player Award. He led the team in fielding percent (0.827).

"We did a much better job defensively. We had to move some guys around. I never heard a bad word out of Cody. He did a heck of job at third base," added the second-year Jet coach.

Sherrill won the Offensive Player Award. He batted .344 with eight doubles, one triple, 15 RBIs, 22 runs scored and 13 stolen bases.

"He came a long way in a year and got hot late," added Prichard.

Scott won the pitching award. He was 4-4 with a 5.11 ERA in 49.33 innings with 66 hits, 16 strikeouts and 29 walks.

Forte was named to the All-District Tournament team, going two for five with four assists.

Jones and Sherrill were All-District.

He presented the Leadership Award to his two seniors.

•"I want to thank everyone for being here. We had a pretty good year," said Lady Jet Coach Kiley Gargac.

Gargac and assistant coach Jessee Inman presented the Lady Jets their awards, as Coach Rick Davis was in Nashville for some medical tests.

Beth Ann Swafford received the Coaches Award for Defense for her team leading fielding percentage of .970.

Rachel Rich received the Coaches Award for having the highest on base percentage of .458.

Kelly Walker won the Freshmen Award, and Danielle Lancianese also won a Coaches Award.

Letter awards went to Karissa Dodson, Chelsey Hinch, Hayley Melton, Beth Ann Swafford, Kelly Walker, Megan Crabtree, Lacie McCartney, Katherine Kerr, Jessica Lancianese, Destiny Thompson, Niki Hassler, Lindsey Thompson, Danielle Lancianese, Rachel Rich and manager Kayla Cole.

The Lady Jets finished fourth in the District 5AAA regular season, while Lindsey Thompson and Rachel Rich were named All-District.

Seniors Jessica Lancianese, Destiny Thompson and Niki Hassler received special awards.

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