The Cumberland County High School tennis teams wrapped up their regular season splitting with Rockwood on April 24 and dropping a pair of matches with McMinn County on April 23.

Lady Jets 4, Rockwood 2


Karissa King (R) defeated Annalee Jacobs 8-0.

Amanda Server (CC) defeated Katie Campbell 8-4.

Sydney Delvers (CC) defeated Kala Cisson 8-1.

Caroline Graham (CC) won forfeit.


King/Campbell (R) defeated Delvers/Graham 8-1.

Jacobs/Server (CC) won by forfeit.

Rockwood 5, Jets 4:


Derrick Lawson (R) defeated Phillip Wagner 8-0.

Gary Lau (CC) defeated Chris Marney 8-5.

Clint Jay (CC) defeated Andrew Pankratz 8-5

Jackson Roberts (CC) defeated Quinn Sosa 8-5

Derrick Snyder (R) defeated Michael Perdomo 8-5

Rockwood won one match by forfeit.


Lawson/Ferdinand Drobik (R) defeated Wagner/Lau 9-8 (7-2)

Roberts/Jay (CC) defeated Marney/Sosa 8-3.

Rockwood won one match by forfeit.

McMinn County 6, Lady Jets 0


Cady Pernell (MC) defeated Amanda Server 8-0.

Bridgett Malone (MC) defeated Sydney Delvers 8-1.

Katie Siklosi (MC) defeated Anna Hill 8-2.

Victoria Williams (MC) defeated Caroline Graham 8-0.

The Peyton Zeno/Liz Parker match was rained out, while McMinn County won the No. 6 singles match by forfeit.

Two of the three doubles matches were rained out, while McMinn County won the other by forfeit.

McMinn County 5, Jets 0


Trey Royal (MC) defeated Phillip Wagner 8-1.

Jsh Young (MC) defeated Gary Lau 8-0.

Michael Boslock (MC) defeated Jackson Roberts 8-0.

Fenil Patel (MC) defeated Clint Jay 8-0.

Brandon MacDonough (MC) defeated Duane Wynn 8-0.

The Michael Perdomo/Matthew Parker match and the three doubles matches were all rained out.

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