"It was a great year. This was a fabulous team," said CCHS cross country coach Rachel Shoemaker Sunday afternoon at the team's awards luncheon at Chuckles.

She presented some superalitive awards, which were for items laughed and joked about during the season.

They were

Most Likely to Get Injured - Bradley Mathis

Most Likely to Get in a Fight - Kyle Lockwood

The McGuyver Award - Ryan Tabor

The Hands Check Award - Ben Tabor and Caroline Ong

Coach Pet Award - Taylor Hammons

Best Smile - Aiden Morrison

Most Selfie Awards - Contessa Wilburn and Hannah Andrews

Most Potty Break Awards - Madeline Toy and Taylor Hammonds.

Certificate of Appreciation went to managers Caroline Ong and Ansley Toy.

Participation awards went to junior varsity runners Nick Lester, Dylan Pitton and Rose Balderas.

First-year letter winners were Contessa Wilburn, Hannah Andrews, Sydney Tabor and Aiden Morrison.

Bars for multi-year letters were Chelsey and Lindsey Roysdon, Madeline Toy, Selinda Bryant, Taylor Hammons, Ben Tabor, Kyle Lockwood, Nathan Phillips, Ryan Tabor, Bradley Mathis and Kevin Buffkin.

Selinda Bryant and Kyle Lockwood won Most Improved Awards for bettering their times over the past year.

The Fleet Feet Awards for the fastest runners went to Sydney Tabor and Ben Tabor.

The Senior Leadership Awards went to Selinda Bryant and Bradley Mathis who "always lead by example and always encourage their teammates."

Sydney Tabor and Ben Tabor won the Runners Choice Awards who "represented CCHS cross country" as chosen by their teammates.

Seniors Bradley Mathis, Madeline Toy, Selinda Bryant, Taylor Hammons and Kevin Buffkin received special gifts for "really working hard this year. All of the seniors except for one ran all four years," according to Shoemaker.

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