Local high school and college football has again arrived on the scene and not a minute too soon as far as I am concerned. I haven’t been able to torture Lake Tansi’s Frank Gale in a while and I have some real zingers planned if things could fall into place.

He will need more than his few Village cronies such as the bovine barrister Tom Looney to remain even with me this year, not that he has ever before. Imagine how bad it would be for him if my team was a consistent winner.

The roofing business must be good as my hometown buddy Jack Napier is heading to Los Angeles to follow the Volunteers. For a Tennessee Tech grad he sure is faithful to the “orange.” There must be some tie between the Golden Eagles and Tennessee as my boss, another Tech grad is also on his way west.

I’m writing this prior to the big Vanderbilt contest against Miami of Ohio, Ben Rothlesberger’s old stomping ground. Look for another Vandy romp.

I have mentioned before that in my day job I work with a former Vanderbilt quarterback. I hate to tell this story but I must. We were talking the other day about going to the race in Bristol. His remark was that he couldn’t stand big crowds and that’s why he went to Vandy. Ha, ha.

CCHS and Stone will both have big games on Friday evening as the Jets host Rhea County and they have been a thorn in the Jets’ side in recent years. I feel a big effort coming on by CCHS.

Coach Marty Davis and his staff will pit their Panthers against the Irish of Knox Catholic on the road. Catholic is a perennial favorite for a state crown and this looks like another good year for them but Davis will have the local young men ready.

Congratulations to Wayne Shadden and the rest of his crew, including all the Shadden family members for throwing a really good “Bubbafest 2008.” I didn’t know that grilled baloney (I know it’s bologna for the yankees) could be so good. Apparently a lot of people did know because the crowd was large.

Let’s all get out there and support our local youngsters this Friday. They’ve had to deal with enough on the downside this year and they deserve all our support.

You root for yours and I’ll yell for mine and the world will keep on turning regardless of a football game outcome.

Have a great week. This rain had to put a smile on everyone’s face so let’s keep it there.

Do you reckon Michael Phelps swam home from China?

Go Panthers! Go Jets! Go USA!

Jim Butler is a Chronicle contributor, and his column appears weekly.


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