Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

June 3, 2013

County eighth-graders named Good Citizens

By Emmy Edwards
Chronicle contributor

CROSSVILLE — The Crab-Orchard Chapter DAR awarded 2013 National Society Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizenship certificates and lapel pins to outstanding eighth-grade students in all nine Cumberland County elementary schools at each school’s awards night.

Believing that attention to the patriotic education of our youth means building a stronger nation for the future, the Crab-Orchard Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution presents the Good Citizenship Awards annually to graduating eighth-grade students chosen by their teachers based on the students’ service, courage, leadership, honor, and patriotism.

The 2012 Good Citizenship Award winners have demonstrated exceptional responsibility to their families, their schools, their fellow students, their community, and their country and true Americanism, qualities that reflect the motto of DAR, “God, Home, and Country.”

According to their teachers, all of the students receiving the award display positive attitudes in school and at home and are a joy to their teachers, parents, peers, and community.

The DAR congratulates the following students for living their lives with good citizenship qualities:

Haley LaRue, Brown Elementary, is the daughter of Stephanie Wilson. According to her teachers, “Haley has good attendance and is never a behavior problem. She always has a smile on her face and treats her peers and teachers with respect. She always gives effort.”

Tanatta Eiammutita, Crab Orchard Elementary, is the daughter of Dhanatcha Harrison. She is described by her teachers as “a very respectful young lady, always on time with all resources. She is willing and happy to help others, and, above all else, she values her education and feels it is a privilege and honor to learn.”

Aileen Barrera, Glenn Martin Elementary, is the daughter of Jose and Veronica Perez. According to her teachers, Aileen’s citizenship qualities include “friendliness and respectfulness.” She is described by her teachers as “a wonderful young lady. She comes prepared and works hard every day. Aileen is a true leader by how she conducts herself and will be greatly missed.”

McKensie Kinchler, Homestead Elementary, daughter of David and Julie Kinchler, is described by her teachers as “a polite student who makes academics a priority. She is well-respected by all of her teachers and the other students. She always has a smile on her face and never hesitates to do what is asked of her. No matter where McKensie goes in life or what she decides to do, she will succeed. We have no doubts about that!”

Katelynn Holmes, North Cumberland Elementary, is the daughter of Kristie Cox. Her teachers describe her as “always helping others out. She is friendly and kind to all of her classmates, and we can always rely on her to help us out!”  

Holly Stripling, Pine View Elementary, is the daughter of Mitchell and Kay Stripling. According to her teachers, she is consistently kind, caring and cooperative. They agree that “Holly always does the right thing and has an extremely high standard for herself in all areas.”

Summer Selby, Pleasant Hill Elementary, is the daughter of Garry and Sheila Selby. Some of Summer’s Good Citizenship behavior, according to her teachers, is that “she is always there with a kind word or gesture. She goes out of her way to make everyone feel like they belong.”

Kayla O’Brien, South Cumberland Elementary, is the daughter of Kelly Patton. Kayla is described by her teachers as “a very courteous young lady. She is always smiling and friendly and is a hard worker, always trying to do her best. She is always willing to help others and is kind and very respectful. She is a pleasure to have in our classes.”

Rylin Morgan and Avery Springer, Stone Elementary, were selected by their teachers for the award. Their parents are William and Dana Morgan and Amy Lambart, respectively.

Rylin is described by his teachers as “a great example of a good student. He works hard and obeys school rules. He is polite and gets along with others.”

According to his teachers, Avery is “a well-behaved young man. He completes all work and is respectful to others. He gets along with other students.”   

The Crab-Orchard Chapter DAR congratulates all these deserving students who have exemplary leadership qualities that will ensure their future success as good citizens.