Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

October 7, 2013

Students win in Pioneer Day art contest


CROSSVILLE — The art students at the two county high schools always show their support by entering the art contest for the annual Pioneer Day fund raiser held by the Fair Park Senior Center. It is always amazing what their imaginations can come up with, and the talent the students have in creating the art. This year’s theme was “Foods at Harvest.” The students all received extra credit for the project, and the winners received gift cards from the local Walmart, presented by Steve Loyd.

The winners in Annette Saldana's art class at Cumberland County High School were:

Becky Stapleton, first place

Alexa Mann, second place

Jordan Hedgecoth, third place

Sadana gave extra credit to Zack Sisco and Billy Sherrill for being creative by helping out painting the little kids' faces at the Pioneer Day event. Thanks guys for a good job.

The winners from Dale Safdie‘s art class at Stone Memorial High School were:

Amber Triblett, first place

Jessica Young, second place

Cody Newcomb, third place

This year a grand prize was also chosen, the winner being Daphni Wetzlich, a 12-grader from Stone Memorial High School. Her work featured canning jars sitting in the middle of tree roots of a root cellar. It really deserved a big purple ribbon.

The art work was on display at the festival. All the pictures were interesting. The kids did a great job and helped to make Pioneer Day more special.