Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

January 20, 2014

Brown earns Accelerated Reader Master School status


CROSSVILLE — Frank P. Brown Elementary School has earned national recognition for outstanding performance in advancing reading practice and proficiency across multiple grade levels.

Brown Elementary was awarded Accelerated Reader Master School Certification by Renaissance Learning, a Wisconsin Rapids, WI, based company.

Master School Certification acknowledges that Brown Elementary’s efforts to promote personalized reading practice, assess comprehension, and monitor progress have resulted in measurable improvements in reading proficiency.

Accelerated Reader Master School Certification demonstrates that a majority of the school’s students have met or exceeded goals for reading practice and comprehension. After reading fiction and non-fiction books at the appropriate level, students take quizzes to assess their comprehension. Accelerated Reader provides immediate feedback to help teachers facilitate reading level growth.

“I am exceedingly proud of the dedication our teachers and students have demonstrated in advancing reading achievement,” said Christie Thompson, principal at Frank P. Brown Elementary. “Our school upholds the significance of reading proficiency and comprehension to college and career preparedness. Brown Elementary teachers, students, and support staff continually strive to optimize academic performance.”

This is the school’s third consecutive year reaching Accelerated Reader Master School Certification. Frank P. Brown Elementary has achieved other recognitions demonstrating a commitment to improving academic performance. The State Collaborative on Reforming Education (SCORE) named Frank P. Brown Elementary the 2013 winner of the SCORE Prize for middle schools. Performance records have shown high student achievement with strong three-year growth in reading, math, and science.

Accelerated Reader, the world’s leading reading software program, enables teachers to personalize reading practice and monitor comprehension to optimize growth. Today’s real-time version provides access to more than 150,000 quizzes, more than half of which are for non-fiction books.  This vast collection of quizzes provides opportunities for students to read and comprehend texts of steadily increasing complexity from early grades through graduation. With a teacher’s permission, students may take quizzes on most mobile learning devices, reducing the need for students to wait for computers.