Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

December 10, 2012

Stumptalk: Obama dumps Constitution for UN rule

By Phil Billington
Chronicle contributor

CROSSVILLE — Barack Obama was reelected for a second term despite a miserable economic and foreign policy record, by the very people his policies hurt the most. Youths 18-29 years old, even with a college degree, can’t find jobs but voted for him anyway; Hispanics and Blacks who have the highest unemployment rate of any group, overwhelming voted for him; a majority of underemployed and underpaid single women still voted for him.

Obama was elected president by making promises, all of which he failed to keep. Obama ignored a skyrocketing deficit and a climbing unemployment rate because he was too busy passing a health care bill which, in the end, will destroy the world’s best medical system. Ok Pelosi, the people passed it and still don’t know what’s in it because as most are unaware the bill is open-ended with an army quietly busy writing new regulations and taxes to stick in it. Obama was reelected by a slim majority but now, as if it were a 90 percent majority, is intransient over the “Fiscal Cliff.” He refuses to budge from his plan, “more taxes and more spending.”

In time and with some Senate house-cleaning, we can undo the domestic damage he has done. But more concerning is his agenda to turn large swaths of American jurisprudence over to the United Nations in the form of international treaties which would obfuscate many of the liberties we take for granted.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are feverishly negotiating treaties — with very little public attention — and lining up votes for Senate ratification. Once these laws are passed, under Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution, they are the law of the United States forever. Here are some treaties they are working on:

•The Law of the Seas (LOST): Renew the never-ratified Kyoto treaty; UN power to regulate the use of Sea Lanes including U.S. military use; UN power to tax U.S. offshore oil and gas wells.

•UN power to control the internet, its contents and inspect private U.S. citizen’s email.

•UN power to control US citizen’s ownership and use of firearms

•UN power to regulate environmental activity in US.

•UN to supersede our Supreme Court.

•Ostensibly, to limit space debris, UN power to control all satellite launches, in truth a backdoor to abolish the United States anti-missile defense system.

Sorry Ben Franklin, we failed you. You gave us a Republic and we swapped it for a Democracy and no one dares criticize this sacred cow, a system that gives a majority unlimited power to tap the national treasury and elect inexperienced ideologists to high office who are bent on abolishing our cherished liberties. FDR and Obama come to mind.

Economist Hans-Hermann Hoppe in Democracy, the God that failed, said it best, “Inundated from early childhood with government propaganda in public schools and educational institutions by legions of publicly certified intellectuals, most people mindlessly accept and repeat nonsense such as that democracy is self-rule and government is of, by, and for the people.”

When the UN was setup, it vested most of its power in the Security Council, made up the five nations who emerged victorious from World War II. As time went on, the General Assembly became more influential, growing from the original 51 members to its current 193 members, which gave smaller nations power to gang up and become the tail that wags the dog, i.e., the powerful United States. Yet it is this very body — the 193 members of the UN and its voting system, one nation, one vote — that we are about to vest with enormous power.

For those who love democracy and see nothing wrong with expanding it globally should consider this: Out of the 193 votes sanctioned by the democratically run UN General Assembly, the United States has only one vote. Freedom House, created by FDR, which tracks the degree of freedom of nations around the world, claim only 87 of the General Assembly members come anywhere close to being free. That means 55 percent are composed of totalitarian states who do not share our values. Would you want those states deciding critical matters inside our country?

Barack Obama is looking more and more like Morsi of Egypt. Historians have warned from early times, even before there was a United States, that when Republics relinquish their form of government for a democracy inevitably they morph to socialism and then dictatorship. As Eliza Doolittle said in Pygmalion, “Just you wait …”

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