Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

December 10, 2013

WE THE PEOPLE: Fear communism? Try capitalism

By Pat Vaughn
Chronicle contributor

CROSSVILLE — We’ve been taught that "capitalism" is the fairest and best “ism” in the world! Capitalism, we are told, is the means to get rich in our economy. The number of billionaires today sure shows how well it works... for some. Unfortunately, it no longer seems to work for the average American worker. The rich get richer because there are fewer enforced government regulations or boundaries on when personal wealth has reached enough. Under capitalism, caring or sharing the wealth is for fools, and most extremely rich folks are no fools!

It’s OK to be envious. Don’t hate the rich, though, but fear them, instead! Especially fear the ultra rich who support the Republican Party of today (along with several “corporatist” Democrats). Most Republican politicians hold office today because they have been financially supported by these ultra-rich folks. The wealthy in the United States are supportive of the party that responds to their demands that no government rules or laws be passed that attempts to control them or tax their efforts, legal or not.

“Big Money” has bought Congress, our courts and our economy with the intention of taking over America. Big investors want to control or eliminate everything that is unprofitable and wasteful in the country, which means programs they have a hard time exploiting for their own enrichment. They want to “privatize” (destroy) programs like Social Security, Medicare, welfare, food stamps, public education and the post office. They have already infected the prison system and have control of the military, and they reap astronomical profits as a result! Any money going “out” with less return to themselves (personally) is waste to them.

Unfortunately, it is mostly the Republican Party that protects these efforts. Most Republicans are not doing their job for the average American. Without a powerful government to protect our vulnerable, the seniors, the handicapped and disabled, the average worker, consumer or citizen, everyone will be left to the mercy of the ultra-rich, and mercy is not "profitable"! Privatization means more money to them and more costs to “We the People” (or, we the “little people,” as the super-rich tax-dodger Leona Helmsley called us)!

Our government is not the enemy of the people! Our government should exist to defend all citizens, but the non-wealthy need government protection the most. Most politicians, obviously financed by the wealthy, prevent anything new in Congress that would help or protect the working class. This has been proven by the “no” votes and filibusters since President Obama’s election, including obstruction of the jobs bill.

Folks, realize and appreciate that President Barack H. Obama is the enemy of the ultra-rich, not ours! Realize, folks, that most Republican politicians are not your friends...or representatives anymore! They know their campaign funds come from their ultra-rich supporters, not the average American or the poor.

Today, we need to fear the future for ALL working classes (and the poor)! Takeovers are not new in the history of the world as other “isms” have made similar attempts. Today in America, the "ism" to fear is “capitalism,” as it has been for the last 30 years... years that have only benefited the rich and powerful.