Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

August 20, 2013

WE THE PEOPLE: A letter to young voters

By Pat Vaughn
Chronicle contributor

CROSSVILLE — It’s never too early to think about elections. Issues change. An intelligent vote should respond to current information and not simply follow old patterns by habit. Voters today, more than ever before, need to become informed on issues and candidates. They need to separate truth from lies.

Powerful interests know that putting the right politicians into Congress will give them total control of the economy. They use their money to “buy” candidates from both political parties, but Republicans receive the most for good reason. Republican politicians have skillfully sold the line that big government is “bad” and taxes are worse. Many “social conservatives” continue voting Republican, despite damage to themselves, their families or neighbors. The fact is, wealthy conservatives own a propaganda television channel (Fox “News”) and shamelessly use it to influence uninformed voters. Fox exaggerates and spins news to favor radical positions and sometimes spreads outright lies which viewers to often swallow.

The rich cabal that buys our politicians now makes billions from pre-planned American wars, oil supplies, food and health care, but they also intend to “privatize” (make profit from) every social program the federal government provides using our tax dollars. They’ve been after Social Security for years, seeing the billions of potential dollars wasted on the common man. They are already taking over the prison system, will soon take over of the U.S. Post Office (which they plan to destroy) and are after public education.

The 1% and their army of paid politicians have purposely forced public schools to “underperform” (“No child left behind” for example)! They’ve forced overcrowded classrooms, demanded impossible standards, low balled teacher pay and forced the testing of students beyond their capabilities, all so they could blame teachers, administrators and schools for the “failures.” Surely, their intentions are to eliminate public education and promote income producing, profit making charter and private schools paid for by your tax dollars. This can only happen (so far) if you vote for people who support such policies. Become informed on all issues.

But, being informed today is only the beginning. Today’s political terrorists (henchmen for the wealthy) are discouraging voters from the “wrong” precincts and those with the wrong “profiles.” They require new IDs, force voters to stand in long lines and claim they’re not entitled to vote after they do so. They claim massive voter fraud is the reason, but there are almost no cases of non-citizens using false identities to vote.

Some think this is a clever move, and will until it begins to apply to them. With 317 million Americans today, voters should understand the need of every citizen’s vote. Our elected representatives should protect us from the rich and powerful, but few work for the interest of the public, today. Voters who continue to vote against their own best interests and those who don’t “bother” to vote at all, leave America wide open to brazen exploitation by the greedy few.

Young voters are the most important voters of all. Their future has traditionally been determined by older, supposedly wiser, public spirited elected officials and parents. But today, greed and pressure from the 1% controls our politics. Young voters are more progressive, more broadminded, more tolerant, knowledgeable and intelligent than any generation in history. Conservative politicians are most afraid of them!

So, young voter, first become well-informed and then fight to get your vote counted. Do it to save America!

• • •

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