Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

January 21, 2013

STUMPTALK: No matter, America is exceptional

By Jerry McDonough
Chronicle contributor

CROSSVILLE — America is different than all other nations and has been since the day of its inception. Unlike all other nations before and since, America has proclaimed as a self-evident truth that all men are created equal. Our Founders wanted to create a nation where no matter who one’s father is, the individual could freely choose to pursue his own ambitions without regard to one’s hereditary status or class distinctions. Americans would be free to act and be judged by their merits alone.

In all other countries, most especially European countries, citizenship is a matter of birth, of blood, of lineage or of ownership of property. To become an American all that is required is that one pledge allegiance to the Republic and to its principles. In all other countries the rights of the citizens, if any were conferred, were allowed by kings and princes and occasional parliaments and these could be taken away at a whim.

Rights in America have been recognized from the beginning to be conferred by God and could only be taken away by illegitimate means such as socialists attempt and sometimes succeed doing today through judicial manipulation.

It is very perplexing to socialists that America is the only developed country which has failed to adopt socialism, and is by the way the richest, most powerful and charitable nation the world has ever known. Socialists persistently want America to be like Europe, the same socialist Europe which is presently destroying itself and wanting America to become a partner in the destruction. Socialists seem to be the last people on earth to believe the historical fact that socialism has never worked... ever.

The term “American Exceptionalism” is believed to have been originated by Stalin when an American Communist leader told Stalin that he had no intention of performing the role Marx had given to the American worker, that is to become the worldwide proletariat leaders of the coming socialist revolution which of course failed as it always does. Stalin supposedly shouted, “Away with this heresy of American Exceptionalism.”

American Exceptionalism challenged the monarchies of Europe with its republican ideas of the American Revolution such as the average citizen was capable of ruling himself in spite of elitist beliefs to the contrary. Europeans observed that America was only concerned with money and would not last, nor could they determine any generosity, economy, honor or any kind of ideas.

So much for the snobs of Europe. Whenever they are in difficulty of any kind, which is often, they come begging to the supposed heathen Americans to bail them out… yet again. While the European philosophers and poets could only see vulgarity in America, the peasants saw that “the hard, practical money getting American democrat was in truth living in a world of dream” and was “guiding nature with a kinder and wiser hand than had ever yet been felt in human history.” Youth in America most especially during the sixties see only the worst of the American society such as war, racism and poverty. Unfortunately it rarely occurs to them to ask the simple question, “Compared to what?” Once reality hits, one time leftists discover that there is no nation on earth to which they would rather emigrate.

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