Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

May 5, 2014

Stumptalk: Are historical facts so difficult to learn?

By Jerry McDonough
Chronicle contributor

CROSSVILLE — It has been my experience to discover that many elite socialists are quite intolerable to any viewpoints other than their own. Socialists are always in a minority, mainly because their ideas concerning reality are so far from the mainstream of common sense and critical thought. Whenever socialists step outside of their own world only to discover their ideals and actions are unacceptable to most of the thinking world. They then tend to become very intolerant and demeaning to majority of the thoughts of others. The title of communist might more aptly fit the socialist mindset because of their checkered historical past in attempts to destroy thoughts of others.

In America it was the elite socialist hero Woodrow Wilson who during his presidency segregated the military because he found “those people” inferior beings while also promoting eugenics along with Margaret Sanger who was another elite socialist darling. Wilson also brought “Jim Crow” to Washington. Of course, it was this same Woodrow Wilson who gave America the federal reserve, which is nothing more than a cartel of world banks feasting off the production of American achievers in their undisguised quest for world power. It was the same Woodrow Wilson who campaigned against America’s entrance into WWI, but immediately after his election put America into that very same most brutal war in order to save the socialist Europe. Wilson often lied to attain what he and his socialist friends considered to be worthwhile goals. America was not threatened. The communists of Europe were threatened.   

And so it was with Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was an elite socialist. He too campaigned on staying out of foreign military involvements, but put America’s youth and treasure at great risk to once again save communist Europe after he was elected. FDR had other similarities to Wilson. He returned segregation to Washington, but he added Catholics and Jews to the list of unfavorable people and while he was at it he illegally threw one hundred thousand Japanese into to prison. He did not put Germans or Italians into prison. FDR’s administration was peppered with communists, as was the media. During the McCarthy hearings many were charged, but McCarthy was widely slandered into submission. Today history teaches us that McCarthy was mostly correct in his charges.

Lyndon Baines Johnson who was touted to be the driving force to end segregation could not get the job done because he not being an elite socialist did not have his political party behind his efforts. He phoned non-elitist republican Ev Dirksen in the middle of night prior to the important vote on the Civil Rights Act in order to get the needed Republican votes for passage. I’m certain that the elite socialists were not expecting their icon Senator Harry Byrd of West Virginia, a Democrat and former high ranking member of the Klu Klux Klan, to help pass the Civil Rights Act.

And so, I find it utterly disgusting when minority elite socialists demean the mainstream of America for their own minority goals in their small minded lives. Were they to study history they would discover their socialism never works and never has worked in the history of mankind. History proves it is free markets that perpetuate the wealth and well being of populations.