Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

June 25, 2013

WE THE PEOPLE: We’re number 27!

By John Wund
Chronicle contributor

CROSSVILLE — Credit Suisse, in their highly regarded “Data Book,” reported that the middle class in the United States is not very healthy. In fact, despite living in the “richest country in the world,” the median citizen in the US owns less wealth than a comparable citizen of twenty-six other countries.

In Spain, for example, the median citizen is doing one third better than his or her American counterpart. In France and Canada, they are about about twice as wealthy. In Japan and Italy, they are more than three times better off.

The vast wealth of the United States has gushed to the very top. Most of us are little fish fighting over a few remaining crumbs. Our rulers must laugh at the ease with which they divert our attention from our condition of relative poverty.

How are they doing it? First, they use the usual tricks of colonial overlords (out by psychiatrist Frantz Fanon).

1. The colonized are denied financial security. Incomes are forced to subsistence level over a period of time. 2. Any existing mass movements, such as labor unions, are dismantled. 3. The school system is degraded so that only the ruling elite have access to a decent education. 4. Laws are rewritten to legalize corporate plunder and criminalize dissent.

As a result of these measures, people become more desperate and less likely to resist “authority.”

But, our new rulers, hiding behind their corporate shields, own all national media outlets control the conversation. For example: What most attracted your attention in the news last week? Think, for a minute…..

I’ll bet it wasn’t the story that the Supreme Court decided that you no longer have a Constitutional right to trial by jury. Roberts, Alito, and the rest of the “Gang of Five” ruled (on Thursday) that the fine print in a contract has higher standing than the US Constitution or, for that matter, the Magna Carta. This is a clear example of colonization rule #4 (above). Yet, colonization rules #1-3, together with media circuses, have robbed Americans of their ability to even recognize, let alone defend, their heritage. Where are the people in the streets? We are, more and more, like Mexico.

The ancient Greeks would only allow rhetoric to be used by those who had a passion for advancing community interests. They understood that the power to manipulate opinion was a dangerous tool in the wrong hands.

Next week, politicians and TV pundits will be waving the flag to amuse and distract us, yet again. People will be chanting, “USA, USA!” But, that chant, followed by, “We’re Number 27!” doesn’t sound quite right, does it? Perhaps, instead of lighting Chinese fireworks and chanting slogans, we should celebrate the Fourth by carefully re-reading the Declaration of Independence, a document putting the wealthy (ruling) elite on notice. It threw off the legal yoke that harnessed us to advancing their interests once before. It is clearly relevant to our current condition.

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