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July 31, 2012

WE THE PEOPLE: Liar, liar, pants on fire...

CROSSVILLE — “I’m always disappointed when the liar’s pants don’t actually catch on fire,” reads a recent Facebook post. Indeed. In this election year, misinformation is dangerous, but lies are unconscionable, spreading like wildfire through Fox News, Facebook, talk radio and insidious e-mails. The non-partisan, Pulitzer prize-winning unveiled these fabrications:

"Obama admits he’s coming for our guns, telling Sarah Brady, ‘We are working on (gun control), but under the radar,’” according to the NRA. Brady responds that her statement was misrepresented and that she has not spoken with Obama about gun policy Since the president has not gone after gun laws, the NRA deceptively made a quote fragment appear to be a conspiracy.

More than 43 percent of all food stamps are given to illegals. Those who believe this Facebook post aren’t as smart as fifth graders. Do the math. Forty-three percent of the 46.4 million people who do receive food stamps would equal about 20 million illegals receiving food stamps. But there were only 11.2 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. in 2010 — and that number is dropping. So how could 20 million receive food stamps? Never mind that it is illegal for undocumented adult immigrants to receive food stamps. Children can get assistance, but there are only 3.5 million of them. Somebody’s not telling the truth.

Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie made a late-night visit to Kinko’s to forge President Barack Obama’s birth certificate two days before Obama unveiled it to the media. Whoever started this e-mail lie can’t identify a joke. It came from the Hawaii Reporter. The end of the story in the paper admonished, "EDITOR'S NOTE: This report is in our satire section." It was published on April Fool's Day, in the comics section. The paper commented that it did not intend for the story to be taken seriously. Yet they received multiple requests for “more information.” The “Birthers” will believe anything!

President Barack Obama "has doubled the size of government since he took office," according to Republican Paul Ryan. His claim is based on federal budget figures. But the Congressional Budget Office finds that the increase through the proposed 2012 budget only amounts to 6% — hardly doubling. Ryan is the party’s budget guru. He should know the truth.
Many statements from this election’s sorry crop of Republican candidates are flaming untruths. Newt Gingrich says federal workers are not allowed to say “Merry Christmas.” Rick Perry claims Obama is a socialist. Mitt Romney deceives when he says that the President never mentioned the debt or deficit in his State of the Union address (since when does six = zero?) and that the economy is only “inches” away from not being a free economy.


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    A recent letter from Representative Diane Black to me states that she voted for the farm bill (with $8 million in Food Stamp (SNAP) benefit cuts) because she, like me, is a supporter of food stamp benefits for Tennessee families who qualify. That’s a lot of families, as most recipients are families with children and the elderly. Now, recall that there was already a major cut to the food stamp program back in the fall. But for some Republicans, that was not enough.

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