Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

October 2, 2012

WE THE PEOPLE: The arrogance of privilege

By Pat Vaughn
Chronicle contributor

CROSSVILLE — Like most folks, I have no hatred for the "wealthy." Jealousy, maybe, especially for those whose only contribution was being born in the right families, like Mitt Romney. Families like Romney’s  have never had a "poor" day in their lives. With numerous houses, servants, secretaries, etc., they have no need of Social Security, Medicare and especially, Medicaid! No health care insurance necessary and private entrances to doctors.

Romney is running to replace President Obama. This contender constantly criticizes our president, especially for the economy that corporations like Mitt's "Bain Capital" damaged severely by eliminating jobs in America for many years in their drive for personal profits.  Romney is now promising "millions of jobs in the next four years," but most likely, even if he could do so, the jobs would continue to be in China or elsewhere, not here in America.

Romney is also eager to keep this country involved with wars, so Iran is a current, ongoing target.  This from a man who has never been to war, will never see his five sons in uniform nor any grandchildren. (Rich politicians send poor kids to fight their wars, just in case no one has noticed!)  Military are the jobs rich folks provide while they make huge profits from war materials and robbing countries of their oil and other assets. 

Currently, Mr. Romney is accusing 47% of Americans with lower incomes of being moochers, leeches, freeloaders and drags on society because their incomes are too low to pay federal income taxes! 10.3% of these folks are "seniors citizens" and another 6.9% are workers who make less than $20,000 a year (ouch, Crossville)!  Although some do not pay "federal" taxes, all pay sales tax (9.75% here), excise taxes, property taxes, payroll taxes including Social Security/Medicare taxes ("earned" future benefits, NOT "entitlements") and state income taxes. These workers also provide incomes for businesses who do pay federal income taxes. 

Mr. Romney's disrespect towards seniors, the working class and the actual poor is very apparent. Meanwhile, Mr. Romney paid only 13.9% federal income tax in 2010, not including the 0% he paid on his tax avoiding American accounts in Geneva, the Caymans and elsewhere. Who knows how little he has paid for the ten years before, as he refuses to show the rest!

The "working poor" would love to make enough money to pay federal income taxes, but the promised "trickle down" jobs theory has definitely not happened! Since many of the 47% are in nine "red states" (mostly the South), many that Romney has insulted are still expected to vote for him, but doesn't his lack of compassion and common sense warn you of things to come if he is elected in November?