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April 29, 2013

STUMPTALK: Americans need to wake up

CROSSVILLE — Recently the German government told the Federal Reserve that they wanted the German three hundred tons of gold on deposit returned. How is this possible you may ask? Isn’t the Federal Reserve Bank of America supposed to be the repository of America’s gold? Well, yes and no. The Federal Reserve is federal in name only and not part of the American government or any other government. The Federal Reserve is a cartel of corporate moguls, politicians and bankers which has caused the gold backing of the dollar to disappear through sleight of hand. Actually, the Federal Reserve is a consortium or a cartel of some very large world wide banks such as Barclay’s, JP Morgan and Rothschild’s Bank of France — the same Jewish French banking family that helped fund the Nazi war effort in WWII — and some well paid world government and industrial leaders.

Throughout the centuries the rich and powerful have been attempting to gather the world’s wealth and enslave its people under the Progressive guise of the benevolence and the pabulum of fairness to the people. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Fortunately the American Revolution and our Constitution put a halt to those plans, but only briefly. The First and Second Bank of the United States each was created to secure the nation’s wealth to a small number of investors who consequentially removed their investments but not their control. Understand that a bank begins with no assets of its own. This cartel was put out of business by President Andrew Jackson. The cartel again reared its very ugly head under Woodrow Wilson as the Federal Reserve. As a rule banks which are a part of the Federal Reserve hold the wealth of ordinary investors at a minimum interest rate and lend this wealth at a maximum interest rate to corporations and citizens thereby gaining “assets” through investor’s wealth not their own. When enough bank “wealth” is accumulated the original investors or owners and board members simply remove their assets and live off the wealth of the working class investors.

The original owners now consort with others like them to manipulate the rate of inflation, interest and money supply. For an example of worldwide financial manipulation, check the recent IBOR scandal where the international banking interests were caught manipulating the overnight banking interest rates for their own benefit. Another example of financial manipulation is do you honestly think it costs more today to take a barrel of oil out of the ground with all the technological improvements than it did last century? It is the same oil in the same place. Technology has advanced so that even the government has lost control of it and must resort to scare tactics such as global warming, climate change etc etc until a new progressive cause like “fracking” rears its ugly head to aid the Progressives in manipulating prices. The government says that demand is higher, but does not that same government put the world’s most well known productive oil lands in the Western United States beyond the public’s reach in order to create a false demand? We are mostly aware of the “evil oil cartels”, but we pay scant attention to the Progressive wealth cartel managed more by banks than by mythical “robber barons.”

John Adams once said, “Liberty once lost is lost forever.” Do we need to protect our liberty through informed intelligent votes at the ballot box? Can you not see the accumulating power and wealth of those in political and banking office occurring even at the local level? Can you understand why Progressives fear an honest election?

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