Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

April 2, 2013

WE THE PEOPLE: Paying better attention to politics

By Pat Vaughn
Chronicle contributor

CROSSVILLE — Years ago, after eating bad blueberry pie, I became violently ill. It took a long time before I could “stomach” blueberry pie again. So goes, also, my last 20 years of disliking the policies of the current Republican Party.

Before I began paying careful attention to politics, I voted for Ronald Reagan and Daddy Bush. In those years, I thought I voted for the “man,” not caring about which party he belonged to. Now, I sure do care! Party does make a difference when it comes to supporting and protecting the average family. The Democratic and Republican Parties are definitely not the same!

Today, I fight an automatic “gag” reflex whenever a Republican speaks against things I am now aware of. A person must have a job to pay their way, yet it appears our older generation has little idea what younger folks are up against today, showing little patience to what is available in today’s low paying job market. Not having a job does not mean “laziness” or one looking for a “handout”! I try at times to listen and watch both parties, wanting to have an open mind. But when everything the Republicans speak of is against everything the average family needs to survive, and these same politicians standing for those who already have everything they need from years of huge salaries, bonuses, stock holdings and dramatically lower tax rates for the last 30 some years, I tune them out.

I am far from rich, but I willingly pay the taxes due to all of our governments, knowing they need an income to operate. Pooling funds from all taxpayers who are each paying their fair share makes it possible to help folks in need, keeps our schools, roads, bridges, fire, police and military forces good and especially provides the funds needed for quality health care for each one of us. America is worth the “dues” we pay, especially for all the rewards!

Fox News allows hateful folks like Limbaugh, Coulter, Ryan, Brewer and Palin to ridicule and provide negative, sarcastic remarks about the working class. When they spread outright lies it is hard to listen. Why do anti-liberals and anti-socialists allow these anti-social commentators and politicians (who would be treated as sociopaths, if it weren’t for their money and fame) to stand for their true beliefs? Are they really that full of bigotry, racism and hatred of many of their fellow humans? Do they hate themselves?

When young, I was told “do unto others” and “you are judged by the company you keep,” so I have to ask why “good” people consider Limbaugh or Fox News, their “friends” and political guidance counselors. This current Republican Political Party and its “tea party” seem to be a danger to our American way of life! (Note: The lies regarding Iraq, the continual efforts to destroy Social Security, Medicare, public education, wanting to “privatize” each, only in order to make money for those wealthy enough to game the system!)

Republican politicians since Reagan/Bush are like my “bad blueberry pie.” I now pay better attention to politics while still voting for the “man” and not the party... It’s just that today, I find politicians who put ordinary people first are all Democrats.

• • •

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