Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

March 25, 2014

We the People: Love America, hate today's politics? Vote!

By Pat Vaughn
Chronicle contributor

CROSSVILLE — The results of the midterm election this Nov. 4 could have more long-term effects than the presidential election of 2016. 
Presidents have a limited amount of power. It is those elected to the House of Representatives and the Senate that approve policy and make bills. These people need to be carefully and wisely considered before we elect them. Today, too many in the House and Senate are financed by ultra rich (mostly Republican) "special interest" folks, to promote their advantage and not ours!

The wealthy expect a huge return from their "investment" once the politicians they back are elected! Anyone who thinks billionaires care about the lower classes (us) is making a big mistake! Today, “Payola” (paying to get your idea promoted) is the way our Congressional "representatives" work!

Now, in both houses of Congress, we have a number of “thugs.” Not poor, under-educated street thugs, but an educated, rich and connected group of white “thugs” who are even more powerful and dangerous. They intend to eliminate all advancements that have benefited the middle class, from Roosevelt’s “New Deal” to Johnson’s “War on Poverty.” They target "We the People" who live paycheck to paycheck.

The (mostly unknown) financial backers who pull the strings intend to make huge profits (for themselves) by absorbing Social Security, Medicare, the post office, forcing public schools into "charters," privatizing prison systems and continuing to use of our military for “war profiteering” ... which has been going on since Vietnam. They see the billions that we invested in the Social Security Trust Fund, Medicare insurance, Medicaid, etc., as being wasted on needy folks. They intend to continue using our “representatives” to try to steal that pot of our money.

 President Obama ran for office promising to block the thuggish takeover of all levels and branches of government. The takeover had been a long-range plan since the Reagan years. Obama wanted to protect social programs designed to help the needy, working classes and especially the elderly. The wealthy and their thugs resent being forced to "share" by paying taxes for these programs, although much of their wealth came from everyday citizens. (The “Wal-Mart” Walton family, for example.)
Many of these same wealthy men manipulated G.W. Bush into the presidency (after Bill Clinton got in their way for eight years). They knew Bush could be controlled. Their “thugs” instigated two wars, costing our economy up to six trillion dollars (with many billions going into their accounts). The resulting mess was dumped on Obama, who has attempted to correct it without the help of any Republicans or Blue Dog Democrats and only weak support from "mainstream" Washington Democrats. Knowledgeable folks are amazed at all Obama has accomplished with so little Congressional help during the last five years.
The existing "fear" of Obama was not just because of his race. He also threatened the long range plans of thuggish, wealthy, white men who intended (and still do) to take over our country.

"Bad politicians are elected by good people who don't vote!" (Also, by easily led “uninformed” habitual voters.)

Please folks... register and /or check the voting rolls to see that you are still eligible. Don’t assume! Learn about which policies the candidates actually support. Know their voting record.

And then… get to the polls!