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August 6, 2012

STUMPTALK: Intentional destruction of the U.S.

CROSSVILLE — In the 1970s, the city of New York was almost forced into bankruptcy. This was the direct result of an elaborate plan that followed the strategy outlined by two college professors named Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven.

Cloward and Piven were political science professors at Columbia University and their plan was to create a crisis in the welfare system of New York City by flooding the rolls to the point where the city was swamped and unable to provide the benefits for the new applicants, thereby collapsing the system. They believed the resulting economic collapse would cause political turmoil and lead to socialism.

The Cloward-Piven strategy was put in place following the riots in Watts and carried out by the National Welfare Rights Organization founded by militant George Alvin Wiley. The bankruptcy of the city was eventually averted, but Alvin went on to found the Living Wage Movement and the Voting Right Movement, both of which used the Cloward-Piven strategy. Combined with the Saul Alinsky tactics, this strategy was also used extensively by ACORN. All of these movements were intentionally intended to destroy the political and financial systems of America.

These activities are aimed at increasing the public’s dependence on government and led to an increase in poverty and welfare. If you study history, you will find that all socialist countries have come into existence when the people had suffered financial and political problems like we are experiencing today in America. When the people have been beaten down financially, professionally and emotionally, they become more easily persuaded by the promises and lies of the socialistic power schemes.

The American people feel hopeless as never before and are now being manipulated into thinking that the only way out of this crisis is for the government to force the earners of America to pay more and more taxes so that those taxes can be redistributed to the people who have lost jobs. The major problem with that is that all those jobs were lost as a direct result of the failed socialist plans of our president in the past three and one-half years. At the current rate the economy and job markets are faltering, we will soon find ourselves at the point of no recovery.

This could not be happening in America by chance. Our citizens are not that lazy. Most of the people now unemployed are trying desperately to find work to support their family and start getting back on the path to realizing their American dream. They are unable to find work because the companies who provide employment are being forced to wait to see how much more they will be required to pay in taxes or other fees and are not willing to risk their hard earned capital without knowing what the future holds for them. These business owners also have families to support and they have worked long hard hours for years to get where they are today. If they go broke, what are they supposed to do? Get a bailout from the government? Too many Americans seem to forget that we are the government. The government has no money that it doesn’t first take from people like you and me. It’s difficult for me to say but it appears to me that this is the objective of this President’s administration. Please wake up America!

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Stumptalk is published weekly in the Crossville Chronicle. The opinions expressed in this column are not necessarily those of the Chronicle publisher, editor or staff. To contact Stumptalk, email coordinator Phil Billington at

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