Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

February 24, 2014

Stumptalk: The secret party unmasked

By Phil Billington
Chronicle contributor

CROSSVILLE — Recently a doctor-friend asked, “Why would the American people elect a completely unknown street organizer, president of the United States?” The colossal failure of Obamacare, his legislative jewel, clearly showed his inexperience as an executive leader. An administration plagued by scandals, Obama predictably covers his backside with inexplicable lies. Lying has been as natural with this administration as breathing in and breathing out. This president indisputably is a congenital liar but nevertheless gullible democratic loyalists reelected him in 2012 anyway.

The answer to my friend’s question centers on one man, George Soros, a Hungarian Jew who escaped the holocaust by masquerading as a Christian and further participated with Nazis agents by fingering his fellow Jews, confiscation of their property and deportation to gas chambers. Even in recent interviews, Soros expresses no remorse for his youthful activities. Later, he was instrumental in the collapse of the British Sterling and fall of Eastern Bloc nations into the hands of the Soviets. Today, George Soros is one of the most powerful men on Earth. He setup the Open Society Foundation to influence world affairs. The flagship for his enterprise is a secret political party, the purpose of which is to transform the Democratic Party. Lorraine Woellert of Business Week is the first to tag it the Shadow Party. The Shadow Party cannot afford to function as an ordinary political party. That would require making an honest, public appeal to voters which it cannot do because its radical vision would offend most Americans. If Americans understood the intentions of the Shadow Party organizers, they would recoil in revulsion. Consequently, the party must proceed by stealth. Important elements of the shadow party includes, cleverly designed to lure naïve but Net-savvy to support mainstream Democrats, and the Democrats' left-leaning think tank, the Center for American Progress (CAP).

The connection between George Soros and Hillary Clinton was kept very secret until June 2, 2004 when Hillary before a CAP meeting, let the cat out of the bag. She glowingly introduced Soros claiming their long association. Actually, Clinton and Soros had conspired for years to take over the Democratic Party. First, Hillary pulled strings to get Clinton WH loyalist Terry McAuliffe appointed chairman of the Democratic National Committee in 2001. That gave Hillary control of the Democratic money machine. Then Hillary and Soros using the powerful Shadow Party proceeded to secretly radicalize the Democratic Party.

As the longtime liaison between the Shadow Party and Hillary’s political machine, democratic insider Harold Ickes shuns publicity because he operates in gray area along the fringes of the law, a very familiar terrain to him. Therefore, Ickes was the perfect CEO pick to run Soros’ Shadow Party enterprise. That appointment made Ickes the most important person in the Democratic Party.

In December 2006, Barack Obama met Soros at his South Hampton estate where they compared their political views. On TV, Obama sounds as patriotic as the Women’s League of Women Voters or the Boy Scouts. But that is not the real Obama. Privately, both Obama and Soros are fierce anti-Capitalists, hostile to a Free Market, favors “big-government socialism,” supports Karl Marx’s redistribution of wealth and transforming America through immigration and promotion of socialized medicine. Both hate the American electoral system. After that meeting, Soros switched his support from Hillary to Obama, considering him more electable, and you know the rest of the story. Without Soros and the Shadow party, Barack Obama, at best, would be an unremarkable and unheard senator from Illinois. Instead, Obama is president of the United States. And George Soros is master puppeteer of the President and leader of the free world.

Most Americans are unaware of the transformations taking place in the two-party system. Hillary Clinton and George Soros have been feverishly working to move the Democratic Party to the far left, which would outrage most democrats if they knew the truth. Meanwhile, unlike 1932 when the two parties switched places, the GOP has also moved left occupying the position once held by democrats, because they sense it wins votes. The GOP is too busy today being democrats. However, a large segment of Tea Party and Libertarian members are teed-off at the party for caving to the whims of King Obama. Thus the GOP is splintered and trying to find their bearings.

When Democratic lobbyist Jack Valenti stepped down as president of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) in 2004, Dan Glickman, Secretary of Agriculture in the Clinton Whitehouse, succeeded him, arguable now the most powerful man in Hollywood. There you have the connection between Hollywood and the Democratic Party.

My friend ask another question: “And why does the media not hold Obama accountable for his many bonehead actions?” The answer is because they too are Democrats, elite members of the Democratic apparatchik. Journalists were once the most respected people in America, independent and honest, their word golden. A poll showed Walter Cronkite the most trusted man in America. During WWII many journalist reported from foxholes along side with our brave soldiers; hero-journalist Ernie Pyle lost his life in one on a Pacific island. And hence many Americans still have the same high regard for TV and Newsprint journalists, unaware that many are really mouthpieces for the Democratic Party, i.e., MSNBC.