Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

January 14, 2014

We the People: Stop Blaming Obama!

By Pat Vaughn
Chronicle contributor

CROSSVILLE — Years ago, America became independent from one king’s control after fighting its first war. Then, a number of intelligent and unselfish gentlemen worked together to write a Constitution for “we the people” so we could live together as one united country. “Representatives” were elected to continue “working together” to improve the lives of all citizens.

But, what has happened to the United States over these past years, that we now have not one king, but several hundred in power? Today’s politicians have steered our country away from being "for" the people. They tell common men, women and children to fend for themselves. They have shaped our government to benefit only the rich that can afford to buy power.  With our Supreme Court providing big businesses “citizenship” with "personhood," the result is the middle class and poor are being pushed around, stepped on and over.

Let me remind some voters (and those not "bothering" to vote) that the Constitution states that it is the job of the “House of Representatives” to write and pass bills in the interest of all Americans! Also, the House discusses and votes on potential bills sent from the Senate and responds to ideas suggested by our elected president of the United States.

All 435 elected members of the House are expected to work together, voting, passing and sending bills on to the 100 member Senate. The Senate is to further discuss and improve said bills, voting and sending them "back" to the House of Representatives to approve any changes. Only after a bill is approved by both the House and Senate working together is it sent to the president for his signature. Then it becomes a law.

Presidents, including President Obama, can only send “suggestions” for bills. President Obama cannot pass legislation. That is the job of the House of Representatives.

The best of President Obama’s ideas were his jobs bills! Jobs are desperately needed here in America and are the answer to almost all of our financial problems. Yet, the House of Representatives filibusters "jobs bills" each time they are proposed and has been doing so since 2010. Four years of joblessness in America is the fault of the House Republican members, not President Obama! It should be easily apparent from their vote whose side most “Republican” House members are on! Big businesses, with their immoral outsourcing of American jobs, are buying and bribing our elected representatives. That has to stop!

What is going on today is not President Obama’s fault! He cannot "fire" those elected who fail to do their job! Today’s dismal lack of a middle-class recovery is the fault of the House of Representatives, the people we elected (and expected) to work for us.

Reform is needed in order to stop the flood of campaign money coming from the 1% as they attempt to take over our government and our country. Money has bought the loyalty of our Congress. Our Congress now represents corporations and the richest 1% in the country.

The takeover of our country by the rich and powerful must be stopped. We must vote out the guilty before we no longer have that option.

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