Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

October 11, 2012

Gary's World: Take time to enjoy life’s highway

By Gary Nelson
Senior staff writer

CROSSVILLE — Whenever I’m driving around to wherever it is I am going, I always try to take in the sites and enjoy the views of what our area has to offer along the way. I do this no matter where I am driving, but I especially enjoy doing so in our community. Things change all the time and I feel that witnessing some of the changes in our community is like being a part of the community.

From the changing colors of the leaves on the trees, to a church getting a new roof installed, or a sleeper sofa sitting on the side of Hwy. 70 W, I take it all in. What’s the point in being in such a hurry to get where you are going that you don’t even notice the beauty, or odd things, about our community?

I learned long ago that being in a hurry to get everywhere you go does nothing but add unnecessary stress to your life. You may get to your destination two to three minutes earlier, but is it really worth all the added stress?

I was driving along Peavine Rd. the other day doing about 50 m.p.h., the speed limit is 45, and there is this man driving behind me about a foot away. He’s honking at me and flashing his headlights. As soon as I can, I get into the right lane to let him pass me. As he passes me he honks and shakes his fist — only I don’t think that’s all he was doing.

When he gets in front of me I couldn’t help but notice the “I Love Jesus” bumper sticker he had on the back window of his truck, along with an outline sticker of Jesus wearing the crown of thorns.

Wow, is that what we want to be known for? Is it really worth it to behave like that so you can be there earlier, or on time? I don’t think so.

One of my favorite things to do is to read the signs businesses or churches have on display. So many of them, especially churches, have clever sayings on their signs enticing people to come visit.

Whenever I see one that I find amusing, or particularly clever, I stop the vehicle, get out and snap a picture. Sometimes I post these to Facebook or send them to friends who I think will enjoy them.

Over the years there have been some really enjoyable signs, as well as some unique or bizarre.

I’d like to share a few of my favorites. These were all found in Cumberland County and I did not get any of these from the Internet.


Good friends are forever

Don’t give up, Moses was once a basket case

There are some questions Google can’t answer

Get off of Facebook and into my book - God

God adds and multiplies, Satan subtracts and divides

Honk if you love Jesus, text if you want to meet Him

We also deal in fire control

If you think life stinks we have a pew for you

You have one new friend request from Jesus

God wants spiritual fruits not religious nuts

Sign broken, message inside

Beat the Christmas rush — come to church this Sunday

Autumn leaves, Jesus doesn’t

Try Jesus, if you don’t like Him the Devil will take you back

Don’t wait for six strong men to carry you into church

How would you like it if we celebrated your birthday without you?

Santa Claus never died for anyone


If you like us come on in, if you don’t, keep going

A new pistol makes a great stocking stuffer

Dog houses for sale, Jesus saves

Politicians and diapers should be changed often

Now taking orders

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that you should try to enjoy life. Take time to enjoy your surroundings and the people you have in your life. There may come a time in your life when you will look back and regret being in such a hurry to do something that you missed the fun along the way.

Sometimes, taking the long way home is a quicker route for happiness. Take the time to enjoy something that’s out of your ordinary routine.

• • •

Gary Nelson is a Crossville Chronicle staffwriter. His column is published each Friday. He may be reached at