Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

December 30, 2013

Stumptalk: Understanding Today’s Political Landscape Via Historical Perspective

By Jerry McDonough
Chronicle contributor

CROSSVILLE — Many years ago there was a political satirist and commentator named Mort Sahl, himself a liberal. One of his commentaries included his definition of the political spectrum. He would draw a horizontal line on a blackboard and then divide it with short vertical lines labeling each to represent a mode of the political spectrum. The middle line would represent the moderates, the far right line would represent the ultra-conservatives and the far left line would represent the ultra liberals. All other political stances would fall somewhere in between the extremes. Being a liberal in the '60s was an honorable political position. Since then the progressives have usurped the liberal label so as to hide their true ultra left position mainly because they could not be elected to any office if they were to show their true colors. In all probability considering today’s political world there would be an added a position on Mort Sahl’s comically, sarcastic horizontal line representing the “leftist liberal” to be defined as one who is far left of a liberal. To hold that the term “leftist liberal” as being redundant is bogus and is to refute historical political perspective, but then the progressives are famous for stirring confusion in morals and politics. In order for the progressive movement to hide their true intent, which is communism, they have changed the true meaning of the word liberal to fit their own purposes.

A candidate would not have much of a chance to be elected if he or she ran as a communist candidate now would they. The duplicity “leftist liberals” is rather easy to ascertain when one critically reads and observes the actions of those who make news these days. Take our esteemed President. Recently he publicly took full responsibility for the problems with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which is the accepted behavior of a true leader. He did so in several venues.

Then, lo and behold, he began to blame everyone, other than himself, around the country thus returning to his true roots. Republicans, FOX News, as well as other news media that fail to toe the progressive line of blaming someone else for their failures and Congress must take the blame for the failure of ACA.

Alas, the progressives can’t blame Bush for this disaster. Remember this Democrat administration designed ACA and only Democrats voted for ACA. Not one Republican in either house of Congress voted for ACA. One must then suppose that our president is blaming his fellow Democrats for his failure. After all, ACA is the signature achievement of his presidency and his fellow Democrats passed the law through congress. That in itself denotes confusion from the leadership. If a person were to read history, in particular the rise of progressivism in Russia, Germany, Italy and anywhere communism has risen to control a country and enslave its people, that person can easily ascertain where the progressives would like to take America. American progressives are playing by the original playbook of central control of government and the economy, as well as eugenics and enslavement of the people most especially those who do not agree with their position. The 1787 Constitution and gun possession by the American people stand in the way of totalitarian government. Any critically thinking person can readily understand the level of the conspiracy when they observe that once the dictum goes out, e.g. criticize congress, that dictum immediately becomes the mantle of criticism from the local progressives all the way up to the national progressives. The 1787 Constitution and gun possession is berated daily at all levels of government by the progressives. All progressives dance to the same tune as though they were one.