Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

September 24, 2013

Stumptalk: The cause of the current scandals

By Jim Sykes
Chronicle contributor

CROSSVILLE — Does anyone expect Congress to find a “smoking gun” in any of the scandals being investigated? Some of the current politicians have shown multiple instances of ineptitude and an inability to perform their duties but even the least intelligent public servant appears to be smart enough not to leave a paper trail of their criminal, or quasi criminal, behavior that might lead to the president. History shows that, most of the time, those who act as our politicians find ways to distance themselves from the activities that could cause them to be discredited or lose their job. It’s been said that not a single document could be found to show Hilter’s link to the Holocaust. All any public official needs to do to get his underlings to do his bidding is to demonstrate through word and deed what that public official desires and those underlings will do his, or her, bidding.

It is believed that every single scandal currently being investigated can be traced to a simple statement made on several occasions by our President. Remember? “We will punish our enemies and reward our supporters.” When did his fellow Americans become enemies and not opponents? It seems that if you disagree with this President, you are an enemy.

I’m not suggesting that our President wants to injure or kill his opponents but declaring them to be his enemies is going too far. All Americans should want what is best for our country and declaring that we are enemies does not seem to be a proper approach to getting support for programs and actions that are beneficial for America. It has been shown that the quickest way to get someone to work against what you want to accomplish is to criticize, demean or demagogue them. If you make them mad enough they will never agree with you. I oppose many of the President’s policies but I have never wanted him personally harmed or injured. My opposition is to his principles and policies that history has proven to be destructive of our goals as a nation. The President is not considered to be my enemy. He is simply not doing what history tells me is in the best interests of the American people.

Time and time again, since taking office in January 2009, our President has demonized his political opponents in words and actions that this writer has never before seen in America. He’s insisted that Republicans are not merely wrong, but evil. He has demonized the rich, the Tea Party, the job creators, and anyone who simply disagrees with him.

We see members of both parties disagreeing with what the President is doing but to expect any of them to find “a smoking gun” would be a mistake unless you recognize that the President’s Alinsky style rhetoric and his Cloward-Piven policies qualify as that “smoking gun.” Even some of the President’s media are beginning to recognize that he is not helping to correct the many current problems and scandals.

A truth long recognized is that if you are not helping with the solution, you are part of the problem. The President needs to become part of the solution and stop contributing to the problems. He doesn’t even show a willingness to discuss the problems with those who honestly disagree with him.

We now have the best opportunity in my lifetime for our citizens and news media to show our country what would happen if politicians are properly vetted and investigated before we elect them. How did so many of our citizens become so complacent that they vote for candidates without knowing anything about them?