Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

April 7, 2014

Stumptalk: Just another government lie?

By Jerry McDonough
Chronicle contributor

CROSSVILLE — There is a vault located in Fort Knox, Kentucky. It was built in 1936 and encased in 16 cubic feet of granite and 4200 feet of cement. The door is made of 20-inch thick material that is immune to drills, torches and explosives. Security is outstanding because it is located on a very large Army base. What is inside? Depending on whom you ask, it is either the depository for America’s gold belonging to all American citizens, or it is empty having been looted by the federal government and international banking friends. What if the naysayers is correct and there is no gold? I don’t know whom to believe, so let us have an audit as is allowed by law to every American citizen. After all, with the federal government caught spying on its citizens and scandals arising everywhere, we citizens have a right to be skeptical when our federal government tells us there is indeed gold in Fort Knox. So let us call in the auditors to prove the federal government is telling its citizens the truth.

Now, that upstart conservative radical senator Ron Paul has long questioned the amount of gold in Fort Knox and has even introduced legislation to force an audit. Being reasonable people most of us would think it would be a “no-brainer” for the federal government to allow an audit what with all the mistrust in government and publicly traded companies going on these days. But our trusted federal government says no to an audit knowing that corporations are audited annually and that the last gold audit by federal government was conducted in 1953. Of course, no outside auditors were allowed and only five percent of the gold was tested for purity at that time. We now know that the trusted federal government has sold some of the American citizens' gold over the years leaving only 8000 tons out of the original 20,000 tons. Just recently the German government ordered a worldwide audit of their gold, most especially their gold deposited in America, but has yet to hear from the Obama administration publicly.

As a rule, the Federal Reserve, which is little more than an international banking cartel not legally affiliated with our federal government much as the Arabs are an oil cartel, routinely trade gold with other countries. Since there are no restrictions on the Federal Reserve as to whose gold they are trading would it not be prudent for the American citizens to be granted an audit of their gold reserves?  Such a lack of transparency could easily lead to abuse. The Federal Reserve could easily be loaning the gold of American citizens to banks in the international banking cartel, which then re-lends it to other friendly banks, and pocketing the untraceable interest while creating a pyramid of gold much like a Ponzi scheme. In private industry people go to prison for this, but in the Obama administration people like John Corizine who bundled money for Obama’s elections gets off free because the department of justice decides the case would be too “confusing” to pursue. You should vote and be extremely careful whom you vote into office at any level. This house of cards is teetering.