Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

June 3, 2013

Stumptalk: The destruction of our schools

By Jim Sykes
Chronicle contributor

CROSSVILLE — Anyone who is paying attention recognizes that America has many problems. Politicians who have forgotten our American history are causing most of these problems. They have forgotten why this country was created. Most of the people who first moved to this country did so to escape persecution of their religious faith and governments that allowed a select few individuals to reap large fortunes by taking advantage of other people. That’s exactly what is happening today in Washington, DC.

Will it require another violent revolution to make the changes needed to return our nation to the principles of our founding fathers? Since most of our current citizens do not even know the principles upon which our country was founded we might not have a choice.

Americans will not continue to endure the types of actions being forced upon them by the politicians. If you have any doubt, check the actions of about 300 GI’s who returned from defending their country in WWII and had to take up arms against a corrupt political family that had taken over the local government and the elections in Athens, TN, on August 1, 1946.

One of our most pressing current problems is being caused by the nationalization of our public schools. Our federal government has no legal authority to interfere with the local control of the education of our students.

As parents, one of our most important responsibilities is to make sure that our children have the best available education. Before the federal government took control of the schools by dumping billions of our tax dollars into failing school districts, our public schools actually taught our children. They said it was “for the children” but it has consistently failed for more than two generations. Our current system is only concerned with teacher salaries and job security. It’s time to return control of our public school system to the local community, the parents and the teachers.

Federal legislation has continued to reduce the quality of public education by following the directives of leaders of teachers unions. These leaders of the teacher’s unions advocate for teachers and only teachers, that’s their job. They don’t work for the taxpayers, students or parents. They want higher salaries more than better educational outcomes and would rather have more job security than better teachers.

Any attempts by state and local officials to allow more parental choice and local control of public schools in an effort to improve the education of our students has been viewed as an assault on the teachers. Our spending has increased to a level that is more than almost any other country in the world while the value of that education has been reduced to almost no value. Sadly, America’s teachers’ unions have declared war on our children and the parents and teachers must take back control of our student’s education. Teachers and administrators must stand up and advocate for the parents and students, that’s their job. It has been shown that more money is not the answer.

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