The OWS groups are complaining about the banks, corporations, millionaires and anyone else they have placed in the so-called one percent. They want the one percent to pay off their college loans, or better yet, provide free college. They want these banks, wall street firms, corporations and millionaires to pay higher taxes, provide public places for their protests, provide them with food, protection and then pay public employees to clean up after them. They don’t want the police to prevent them from violating laws such as rape, drug use, assault or damage to public property but they want the police to protect their constitutional rights to protest. They use the products and services of corporations to entertain themselves and communicate with each other but are not willing to complete applications for jobs being offered to them. They are being financially supported by others who are part of the one percent but fail to recognize that they are costing the taxpayers for their protection and for cleaning up their garbage.

The Tea Party groups are complaining about the politicians who violate the constitution and spend more than necessary to provide for the constitutionally delegated powers of the federal government. Some of the improper spending of the federal government is used to support the organizations that the OWS groups are protesting against and the OWS groups seem to want more taxes and governmental spending. If the current taxes are being misused, why do they think additional taxes will be used differently?

The Tea Party members fully support the OWS members' right to assemble and protest but the OWS members, and their supporters on the left, fail to recognize the right of the Tea Party members to assemble and protest. The president and the left support the OWS groups but denigrate the Tea Party groups. Is this becoming the American way of life? Are we now becoming separated into special interest groups who blame others for our inability to succeed? We are all Americans, or at least we should be, and we need to be responsible for our own actions and we must work together if we are to retain and protect and continue our Constitutional Republic.

The president complains about not being able to get republicans to compromise but he is out campaigning and is not available to present his views or to analyze the views of members of Congress in order to work toward a compromise. His initial demand that the republicans “pass this bill” was made before he even presented a bill that could be considered. That’s not leadership, that’s demagoguery. He claims that the republicans are preventing his “jobs” bill from being passed when the Senate democrats objected to his bill and refused to even consider it. He refuses to admit that republicans have submitted numerous bills to improve the ability of companies to start hiring and claims that the republicans are not cooperating. Anyone who doesn’t recognize the president’s tactics should find and read “Rules for Radicals.” He doesn’t want compromise, he wants to be re-elected and doesn’t care what he has to say or do to accomplish that objective. The president is not doing what is best for our country; he is doing everything possible to turn our citizens against each other to try to win an election.


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